Week 6

Monday, October 12

  • Free write:
    • Why do you think the inside of the library seems so much more lonely to Neville than the world outside?
    • Are there any actions of Neville's that you disagree with? What do you think he should do differently?
  • In small groups, discuss: So far (through chapter 13), what seems to be the greatest threat to Neville?
    • Identify four different types of conflicts present in the plot of this book (man vs. __)
    • Find an instance or a quote the exemplifies that type of conflict.
    • Are these conflicts equal in weight, or is there one central conflict at work in this text?
    • Which conflict is the greatest threat to Neville? Why do you think so?
    • If you had to weigh fear vs. hope in Book 1, which is stronger? What about Book 2 so far?
    • Choose one of your discussion questions to pose to the large class.
  • Bring your answers to a large group discussion.
  • Start reading tomorrow's assignment: chapters 14-16, pages 110-132, with 2 double-entry journal entries.

Tuesday, October 13

  • I Am Legend Quiz #2
  • For tomorrow: read chapter 17 (pages 133-147)

I am checking notebooks tomorrow! I should find free writes from October 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12.

Wednesday, October 14

  • Watch The Island
  • For Monday: Read the rest of I Am Legend (pages 147-170)

I am checking notebooks today! I should find free writes from October 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12.

October 15-16


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