Week 4 Contemp Lit S2019

Monday, April 22

  • daily warm-up
  • Start Lit Circles
  • Lit Circle Timeline:
    • Today: read story and complete double entry journal
    • tomorrow: respond to each others' double entry journals, discuss story, present what you have done for your role
    • Wednesday: start working on poster
    • Thursday: finish poster
    • Friday: Peter Razor presentation
    • Monday: groups present

Tuesday, April 23

  • daily warm-up
  • Lit Circles: double entry journal responses, present roles, and discuss story

Wednesday, April 24

  • daily warm-up
  • Lit Circles: start posters

Thursday, April 25

  • daily warm-up
  • Lit Circles: finish posters

Friday, April 26

  • Peter Razor Presentation
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