Week 4

Monday, September 28


Tuesday, September 29

  • Last day to work in your lit circles! Make sure your presentation is ready to go… we may need to postpone presentations until Thursday due to the college fair tomorrow. If that is the case, we will start our unit on fear and modern horror tomorrow and wrap up the values unit with your presentations on Thursday.

Wednesday, September 30

  • Presentations postponed until tomorrow due to college fair absences. Make sure you are here with your completed role sheet (and your two open-ended questions written on the back).
  • Begin Modern Horror Unit — What do we fear?
    • check out I Am Legend
    • Introduction to speculative fiction, modern horror and dystopian literature
    • Watch "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet:"

  • For tomorrow: read "Buried Talents" pages 171-179 in your I Am Legend books.

Thursday, October 1

Vocab lesson 2 test tomorrow
Vocab lesson 2 packet due tomorrow

Friday, October 2

  • Turn in vocab packet for lesson 2
  • Vocab 2 test today!
  • Small and large group discussion of the first three Matheson stories
  • For Monday: read "Prey" (182-195) and "Witch War" (196-202)
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