Week 3 Contemp Lit S2019

Monday, April 15

  • Daily Warm-Up (Friday Fun catch-up)
  • Reading: Friday Night Lights p. 38-69
  • Start watching Friday Night Lights film — keep track of differences

Tuesday, April 16

  • daily warm-up
  • short writing: While H.G. Bissinger was observing the Permian players prepare for the Midland Lee game, he states “the perfection of their equipment … The solemn ritual that was attached to almost everything, made them seem like boys going off to fight a war for the benefit of someone else, unwitting sacrifices to a strange and powerful god.” Choose one of the following to answer in a well-developed and supported paragraph:
    • Are are the Permian players unwitting sacrifices? Is this a fair assessment of the situation these players are in? Why or why not?
    • Are the Permian players doomed? Why or why not?
  • Read pages 73-88 in Friday Night Lights — come in tomorrow ready to write about the book!
  • watch more of the film

Wednesday, April 17

  • Daily warm-up
  • Start working on graphic essay assignment
  • watch more of the film

Thursday, April 18

  • daily warm-up and turn in
  • Finish graphic essays
  • finish watching the film
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