Week 3

Monday, September 21

  • Free write: While H.G. Bissinger was observing the Permian players prepare for the Midland Lee game, he states “the perfection of their equipment … The solemn ritual that was attached to almost everything, made them seem like boys going off to fight a war for the benefit of someone else, unwitting sacrifices to a strange and powerful god.”
    • How are the Permian players unwitting sacrifices?
    • Is this a fair assessment of the situation these players are in? Why or why not?
    • Are the Permian players doomed? Why or why not?
  • Distribute Vocab lesson 2 packet
  • Finish Friday Night Lights movie
  • For tomorrow: read pages 73-88 in the book and come to class prepared to write about the book and the movie.

Tuesday, September 22

  • Free write:
    • How does what Bissinger characterizes as "the hearty, hair-trigger temperament of the place" affect our view of Odessa and its residents' attitudes and behavior? What examples of this "hearty, hair-trigger temperament" do you observe in your own community or on the national level? In what ways might it be seen as characteristically American?
    • In what ways does race influence the attitudes and behavior of Odessa’s athletes, coaches, and even fans?
  • Finish and discuss movie
  • In class essay for Friday Night Lights
  • Time to work on vocab packet… which is due Friday.

Wednesday, September 23

  • No Free Write
  • Start Literature Circles — Native American Short Story Unit.
    • Get your group
    • Get your story
    • Read
    • Determine roles

Tomorrow: work on tasks for your assigned role.

Thursday, September 24

  • No Free Write
  • Continue working in Lit Circles
    • Should be done reading
    • Finish the work for your role
    • Start discussion

I am collecting your notebooks tomorrow! This is what I am looking for: Notebook Check September 25

Friday, September 25

  • Continue working in Lit Circles. For today:
    • Finish up discussion
    • Plan and prepare your group's presentation
  • Vocab 2 Test (postponed until next Friday — October 2)
  • Vocab 2 packets due {next} Friday
  • I am collecting your notebooks, though. Attach a checklist, make sure your name is on it and leave it in the black crate.
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