Week 2 Research 1

Monday, June 20

  • Planners: Tour of the library

We will meet in the classroom, and then after I take attendance we will head over to the Library for a tour with Bill the Librarian.

Tuesday, June 21

  • Planners: Library Scavenger Hunt
  • Library Scavenger Hunt! Get a partner and find things in the library! It will be fun!!

Wednesday, June 22

Planners: Inquiry sheet due tomorrow

  • Go over scavenger hunt answers from yesterday.
  • Check your wiki messages for feedback on your name pages.
  • Task for today: Work on Inquiry Handout. You should be able to complete these today, but if not, take them with you, finish them, and hand them in tomorrow.
  • Second part of class (if time): Tutorial on using the library catalog.

Thursday, June 23

Planners: Using the BSU Library Catalog worksheet due at the end of class today.

  • BSU library catalog tutorial.
  • Task for Today: Choose a topic of interest from your Inquiry Handout and complete the Using the BSU Library Catalog worksheet.
  • Inquiry sheets are due today
  • Using the BSU Library Catalog sheet is due at the end of class today.
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