Week 1 Lit 1

Tuesday, June 14

  • Introduction to Course
    • Syllabus
    • Pre-Test
    • Plagiarism Policy
    • Email list
    • If there is time: Classmate Bingo

Wednesday, June 15

  • Planners: Wiki Name Page due Monday
  • Introduction to Wikis
    • Access the email address you gave me yesterday. Then:
      1. Open the email from wikidot.com
      2. Click on the 'Accept invitation' link (large red text)
      3. Click on the 'Create a new account' link.
      4. A pop-up window will appear. Your user name and email address will already be there. Type (and retype) a password for yourself in the appropriate boxes. You need to remember this password. Choose something easy to remember!
      5. Complete the addition problem at the bottom to prove that you are human.
      6. Click on the 'Sign Up' button and you are in!
    • Click on your name in the 11:00 box and then click on create page and await further instructions.
    • Task for today: Name Page Assignment

Thursday, June 16

  • Planners: read pages 1-9 of Lucy the Giant
    • Task for today: Complete Name Page Assignment
    • Check out books and we will read pages 1-9 by Monday
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