Week 1 Link Crew S2019

Monday, April 1

  • Syllabus/goals for the class
  • m&m icebreaker
  • It's Ball About You — due tomorrow

Tuesday, April 2

(ACT Testing)

  • Finish and hand in It's Ball about You activity
  • Discuss planner assignment: use a planner for the next week and make note of how well it works, or doesn't work for you. It can be paper or digital. Recommendation: Google calendar app

Wednesday, April 3

  • Leadership quote reflection and response
  • Discuss planner assignment (see yesterday)
  • Learning styles questionnaire and discussion

Thursday, April 4

  • Leadership quote response
  • List / brainstorm ways to improve orientation while hitting all of the different learning styles
  • Find a quote that explains your life philosophy

Friday, April 5

  • Leadership quote response
  • Ted Talk and discussion
  • This I believe: Reflect on your life philosophy quote: What is it about this quote that appeals to you? What evidence do you have that this is a positive life philosophy? What is your personal connection to this quote?
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