Week 1 Contemp Lit S2019

Monday, April 1

Tuesday, April 2

  • Tuesday Term
  • Present Emoji Introductions to the class
  • Writing and discussion: What is your most indispensable possession and why? What is your history with this possession? Tell us a story…
  • Read "The Things they Carried" in your short stories book (p. 366-384)

Wednesday, April 3

  • Wednesday Word
  • Small group discussion questions — turn in when done
  • mind map the characters and their personal possessions — turn in tomorrow

Thursday, April 4

Friday, April 5

  • Friday Fun
  • Quote sandwich review
  • write a quote sandwich: in “Rules of the Game," what do the two main characters in this story value? Why do you think that is? What cultural or familial factors have influenced their values? What is the central struggle here? — turn one of these into a quote sandwich paragraph.
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