Veronica Brown

A Little About Me!

Hello my name is Veronica Brown! My full name is actually Veronica Renee Brown-LaCoursiere, I am half French Canadian as you can see from my last name. I am fifteen years old and I live in Bemidji Minnesota. In the fall I will be a sophomore. My favorite class in school Geography/Social Studies/Civics. I also enjoy Algebra! In the fall I will be taking Algebra ll. I love solving problems and learning new things about the world! I love a challenge, and I love working for something I want. If I get something that I didn't work for or don't disserve, I won't take it! I live with just my mom, my brother and occasionally my step dad. My step dad lives in Canada so he comes down and stays with us on the weekends. I get to see my biological dad on holidays and sometimes in the summer, since I am always busy. I have two siblings, a sister and a brother. My sisters name is Emily, she is twenty seven years old and has tow kids. My brothers name is Riley, he is eighteen and he has autism.

My Hobbies

During the school year I am always busy, you will never see me just sitting around! I get to school around eight in the morning and sometimes don't get home till eight in the evening. I am involved in Bemidji show choir LVB and the school musical. This year the musical will be "Shrek". I am very excited to see how it will turn out. Last year I was in the musical "The Wizard of Oz", it was so fun! I am so glad I get to be part of the experience again! Other than school activities I love to dance! I have had eight years of dance lessons! My favorite type of dance is a mixture between Jazz and Hip Hop. Every time I get a chance to preform in front of people I do it! I also love nature and being outside. I love to go camping with my family and I also love to go hiking, biking, swimming and exercising. Whenever I go for walks I always love looking at trees and flowers. My mom and I have a garden filled with flowers. My favorite flowers are Begonias.

Here are websites that I hope you enjoy! The websites will bring you to my school and Upward Bound. I also put things I enjoy like listening to music and looking at beautiful flowers! I hope you will like them too!


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