Tristan Bolstad

hello world

the bright past

Hello, my name is Tristan Bolstad. I am 14 years old and I live in Bemidji MN, and Minot ND. I have one twin sister, and I live with my mom and her girlfriend, Amy. I am currently a Freshmen in high school. At home I have 4 cats and 1 dog, the cats names are; Obi, Spencer, Raphiki, and Cooper. the dog's name is brandy, she is 12 years old and has lymes disease.

my hobbies

I love to explore and ride bike, whenever I go to minot I will always bike with my aunt while my dad is at work. when I go to my Grandma, and Grandpa's house, I used to explore with Grandpa in the forest, and whenever my cousins come over we will run around and have fun! Yay…

An even brighter beacon, the Future

When I graduate from High school, I plan on living with my Grandparents here in Becida for like a month or two. Than I will drive to Minot and stay with Dad, The colleges I want to go to are either Minot State University, or University of North Dakota(UND.) I want to major in Architecture, and engineering.
After that I plan on living in Minot for maybe 5 to 10 years then I want to visit Japan for a while.


Images left to right: Me in _, A picture of Tokyo taken by flickr user Ron in South Florida, and ___

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