Tristan Bolstad (Kitty Lord)

Salutations, for it is I

Hello, Hola, Konichiwa, Ni Hao

Salutations, My name is Tristan Bolstad. Also known as kitty Lord… I live in Bemidji Minnesota, and Minot North
Dakota. I was born on March sixteenth 2001. I am a die hard lover of anime and KITTIES! In my opinion, cats are the greatest creature to walk this earth. I love them, they are bae… Don't judge! I currently have four cats and of course one dog.


Currently I live in Bemidji Minnesota, and I also live in Minot, North Dakota. I love nature, and love to get out and bike, explore, or just sit outside and observe… I am an Upward Bound student at the campus of Bemidji State University (BSU)
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Le Future…

After high school, I shall leave this small town of Bemidji. And move to Minot for a new beginning in my education. So I will go to Minot State University (MSU) and go for two years for graphic design. Then after that, I will lay low for a year, then I will go to Fargo and go to North Dakota State University (NDSU) for four years for Architecture. Then I shall live in Japan for awhile and live out my life as a successful architect.

Class Work

Class notations... Tristan Bolstad

Advocacy Bolstad I

Advocacy... Bolstad I

Le Book… (A book that I am currently writing)…

The Pipes, By Tristan Bolstad

Peer Review page

Peer review page

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