The Pipes By Tristan Bolstad

The Pipes

By Tristan Bolstad


The date was the 27th of August, 2011. School was only about a week and a half in the school year.
So we Begin…
My friends and I decided to explore my friend Trevor’s property. Specifically, a forest known as “The Forest of Trails” the forest got its name due to the many abandoned ATV trails that make a maze through the trees. This forest is renowned throughout the state for being haunted, as well as the legends of supernatural beings, and creatures that thrive in the forest’s depravity.
As the night approached, the sun barely visible through the trees. We kept walking down the overgrown paths, a paranormal mist was starting to surround us, as all light for the day was replaced with a black backdrop of stars. The full moon was as red as blood as the mist consumed the woods. Everything seemed quite, maybe even too quiet. Everything was still for a while as we wandered aimlessly through the trees, miles from the nearest house or shelter.
As we walked we noticed that one by one, some of our friends were gone from view, including Trevor, the only one who could guide us out of these dense trees. There were only three of us left. So we decided to split up, we soon realized that this was not a good idea. For not only ten minutes after we split, I heard a scream penetrate through the trees, and throughout the surrounding air. I stared of in the direction of the scream, but I could not see anything, all I saw was the trees, the mist and a fairly large pond with strange old pipes sticking out of the water. None of my friends in sight. So I decided to just keep on walking.
A while past before any other signs of my friends, as I began to worry I called out to see if I got a reply. After a few seconds, there was no reply. Then out of nowhere a second scream penetrated the darkness, leaving only one left… Me.

Chapter 1:
3:30 PM. 27th of August, 2011

The bell just rang at the Euphorax High School. I walked out of the glass doors, sun in my eyes as I walked to the bus, I sat down and decided to read, “Hey Larson!” I heard behind my bus seat, interrupting my quality reading time. “Oh it’s you Trevor.” I said as I looked behind me, “are you doing anything this weekend? Because some of our friends and I were going to explore the woods by my place, so would you like to join us?” Trevor said. “This is really short notice, but sure I will come with you guys!” “Fun!” Trevor replied, “But… how am I going to get there? Do I just ride the bus to your place with you?” I asked Trevor. “Yeah, that will work.”
As the bus started to drive away from the school, and headed out of town Trevor and I talked about our day at school, and how glad that it is finally the weekend. “So, who all is coming for the weekend?” I asked Trevor, catching him by surprise… “Oh, let me think. I think Tyler, Smith, You, Me, Sara, and I think Maria is coming too.” Trevor replied. “Ok.” An hour soon past, all you saw out the windows were just farmland and a spectacular view of the valley in which Minot sits on top of. The sun was making everything a tint of that beautiful sun-burnt orange. The world was good.
Once we got to Trevor’s house, the others were waiting from us, the only hint of civilization from his house was the supertall TV mast over the fields, and on the other side of the view was the notorious Forest of Trails that we would be exploring once the sun started to set.

Chapter 2:
8:30 PM. 27th of August, 2011

As we had dinner, Trevor told us how his parents were out on a business trip, and would not be back for a few weeks. He also told us about the weird, creepy, supernatural stuff that has happened in, or around the forest. These stories gave us second thoughts about the exploration. But then he got to the really scary stuff, he told us about the paranormal beings, and creatures found within the boundaries of the forest, as well as the supposed Devil’s Circle located within the trees, and unknown pipes sticking out of a fairly large pond, deep within the woods. He told us that this pond is a hot-spot for paranormal activity around the forest, and the pipes within the pond arise some concern to him. As he told us that the pipes have been there ever since his grandparents moved here, 45 years ago. The pipes were also said to have been there even maybe 20 years before. The pipes where installed by the government and their purpose has not been released, 65 years later. As we waited for the pizza man to arrive, we decided to sit out on the dock, and watch the sun go down over the supertall TV mast in the distance, and the faint site of the Minot skyline over the valley.
Minutes past and the pizza man had not arrived yet… “When will he get here?!?” Mariah cried in a frustrated voice. “I don’t know!” I replied. “Ok everyone, let’s not get to frustrated, he will get here soon. I hope…” Trevor said, and sure enough, he pulled into the driveway 30 seconds later. “Finally.” Mariah said as the man knocked on the door. “How many pizzas did we get?” I asked Trevor. “Five, and in all there were three pepperoni, and two cheese. Totaling to about 60 dollars.” Trevor said as the man backed out of the driveway. “Oh my god, I’m famished!” Smith said with glee. As the sun sank below the trees.

Chapter 3:

11 PM. 27th of August, 2011

“What the heck is that?!?” Mariah said with a jolt, scaring everyone in the group. “What did you see? “I asked. “It was a shadow, a shadow of a cloaked figure, looming in the trees outside of a large window. “Oh my god… Are you sure you saw it?” I asked Mariah. “Yes, I could have sworn I saw it, it was a child, a child with a scythe.” Mariah replied, startled by my question. “A scythe! Why, want is in these woods!” I said fearing for what is to come. “Do you watch anime?” Mariah asked me. “What? How is that at all relevant?” I asked, with a bit of frustration. “Because it looked like a Shinigami, a Grim Reaper…” Mariah told us. “Ok so we are dealing with a mysterious creature of death… That’s nice.” I said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.
“So, are we ready to explore the woods?” Trevor asked. “Um… Sure…” Everyone else said in unison. “When we come back we can all binge on whatever we have in the fridge and freezers.” “OK!” Everyone jumped up and got their shoes and jackets. As we walked out of the door of the house we all realized the whole atmosphere had changed. In the house it was a warm vibe, but out here, it was cold, dark, violent, and most of all. Fear.
When we headed down the driveway, a steady breeze made the tall trees sway, making the area even creepier, as we walked, we noticed a house, a house that has been abandoned for many years, the were cracked, the paint was peeling off, and the temperature around the house was significantly lower than the surrounding woods. “Hey, do you have the video camera?” Trevor asked me as we walked across the road that separated the house, from the forest, the road that separates civilization, from desolation. “Yeah, why?” I replied. “Just checking…” Trevor said. That house is extremely creepy, I bet there is some stuff within those very thin walls. “LOOK OUT!!!” Mariah screamed… As the world went. Silent.

Chapter 4:
12:15AM. 28th of August, 2011

“What is it?” I asked her. “It was that child again, she ran towards us with her scythe. I think she came from that abandoned house.” Ok let’s go towards there and see what is up.” Trevor said to the group. “Ok, whatever you say.” Smith said to us. “Ok, let’s go. No distractions.” Trevor said. “Hey Tyler, you have been really quiet for a while now… Tyler? Tyler, where are you?” I yelled. “Oh my god! Guys Tyler is gone! Where is he?!?” I yelled again to the group of friends. “Oh my god, ok, let’s see who all is with us… Trevor is here, Mariah is here, Sara is still here, and I am… But where is Tyler?” “I don’t know where he could have gone, because he would not run off into the forest alone… The house! We need to check in that house!” As we ran towards the house, we felt all of the pain, and sorrow that has happened within these walls, and the souls have not yet found peace. “It’s so sad. It’s so sad how these poor souls cannot escape this house, this house of dark energy.” Sara said in a quiet voice. How could anything do this, these horrible things that has happened in this house? It’s awful.” Sara said again, making us think… What really did happen in this house? What kind of atrocities were committed here? As we approached the front step, everyone stopped walking and listened, just listened to what sounds you could hear in the house. Of course, nothing, just silence. “Ok, this is where we need to be very careful. For I have heard of the things that happened just beyond this door step. And they are not pleasant, so keep your eyes open, for we are entering a domain of that that is not earth, nor Heaven, This is Hell.”

Chapter 5
1:00AM. 28th of August, 2011

“Ok, this is where we need to be very careful. For I have heard of the things that happened just beyond this door step. And they are not pleasant, so keep your eyes open, for we are entering a domain of that that is not earth, nor Heaven, This is Hell.” Trevor said. “Ok.” I said. The door made an ear shattering shriek as it opened, revealing a dark new environment of terror. We walked through the doorway and found a frightening piece of evidence to the disappearance of our friend, fresh blood on the cold hard-wood floor of this house. We ran down the main hallway that lead to an open expansive living room, with a window that has a view of the farmland, and the Souris River Valley. “Stop! Don’t move!” Trevor said in a whisper. “Why?” I said under my breath. “Because, look over there, standing in the center of the room…” He said. “What the heck is that?” I asked him. That is a demon and we cannot let it see us, for if it does, the consequences will be grave.
“Let’s find the basement, I know there is one here. So we can leave this demon at its peace…” Trevor said. “It feels like we have been walking these same halls for hours.” Mariah said. “It does, but we will find him eventually…” I said. “Found it!” Trevor yelled with glee. We opened the door to find a long, dark, disused stair case that plunges into the dark abyss. “Ok, let’s head down.” He said as we walked down. The stairs were very steep and I had to walk sideways because my feet were too big. When we got to the bottom, we found a labyrinth of hallways that leaded in every direction. And there we saw it, the bloodied, beaten corpse of Tyler.

Chapter 6:
1:59AM. 28th of August, 2011

“Oh my god, I knew this was a bad idea. For this house has yet taken another soul to be trapped in these cursed walls.” Sara said in a surprisingly calm voice. “What the heck, what happened?” Maria replied to Sara’s comment. The stench of blood and death lingered in the air, as we gazed on Tyler’s cold body, as well as the entrance to the tunnels, right at Tyler’s feet. The tunnels just became a lot more ominous as a brisk mist flowed gently out of the shafts. The mist felt cold to the touch as we stood silent, hoping for a sound that would give us a clue, on what really killed Tyler. The blood stains on the ground were still fresh, his body in a rather unusual position. “Let’s get the heck out of here.” Trevor said. “Ok, I like that idea.” I replied back to Trevor. As we walked up the stairs and through the main hallway of the house, we decided to look inside the living room, and the demon we saw before, was gone… We ran over to the main entrance, and the door was closed, so it was still within these walls, no windows were open, and the only place that it could be is. The basement, the tunnels… Tyler’s body.
We decided to walk back down the stairs do to curiosity, no one spoke, just the sound of the stairs creaking under our feet, and the draft in the tunnels. “Wait, don’t move…” Said Trevor as we got down to the bottom of the stairs. “Why?” The rest of us said in unison. “Because, something seems different, like there is something missing…” Trevor replied. “The draft?” Maria asked. “Nope” Trevor said again. “The tunnels changed?” I said, coming up with a wild guess. “No” Trevor said again. “Ok. So what is it?” Smith asked. “I think its”—“its Tyler’s body. Tyler’s body is gone…” Sara interrupted Trevor. “Oh my god! Where did it go?!?” Smith asked everyone. Just then an eerie sound was emitted from the tunnels, making us all freeze in our tracks. The stench of blood and death still hung in the air, so the body could not have gone too far. “Look.” Sara said. “The blood stains, they lead that way…” Sara said again, pointing to one of the eerie tunnels. “What time is it?” I asked everyone as we walked down the tunnel. “I don’t know. I don’t have reception here, which is weird. We may be underground, but I still should have reception.” Smith said. “Ok, I guess we can wait until morning when we get out of here.” I replied. “If we make it out of here…” Sara said. This comment made all of us wonder… will we really make it out of here? Will anyone else have to die? After a while, we began to get drowsy, and tired. Then we got to a large cavern and in the middle of it and then we saw it again. The demon, which was not even a demon after all. It was a Shinigami… and it saw us too.

Chapter 7:
2:45AM. 28th of August 2011

“Run for your life!” Trevor said quietly. As we ran we got lost real quick, as if the tunnels changed. “We must not split up!” Trevor said. “Ok.” We all said at once. It felt like we were walking forever. But we finally got back to the main entrance and standing there was the Shinigami. Cold dark eyes stared deep into the very depths of our souls. “It is now time to reap…” The Shinigami said in a blood curdling scream. “Run!!!” Sara yelled at the top of her lungs. We ran up the stairs, even though the ear splitting screams of the Shinigami froze us in our tracks. We fought through the screams and we got out of the house. As we ran towards Trevor’s home I looked behind me, and the Shinigami was gone, out of view, either still in the house, or retreated back into the “The Forest of Trails”.
We all got back into the house, out of breathe we proceeded to lock all of the windows and doors, close all of the blinds, and took teams of us out to pour a ring of salt around the house, and all of the doorways. To prevent any dark energy from getting within these walls. “Sara… are you ok?” I asked her. She was curled in a ball on the couch whispering chants of protection. “I’m fine.” She said as she got up, as if nothing happened. “What was that creature? And what happened to Tyler?” Maria asked. “Ok so the creature is called a Shinigami. The Shinigami is a mysterious creature, but you guys probably have heard of it by a different name. A Shinigami is none other than a Grim Reaper. And he was trying to reap our souls. Now what happened to Tyler that I cannot say, for I actually don’t know… but what I can take from all of this is that the death of Tyler probably had something to do with the Shinigami. So we must keep our guard up, Shinigami’s are very clever creatures and they can strike at any moment.” Sara answered. And just like than all of the blinds rolled up. “What!” Trevor said. “What could this mean?” Smith asked. “It’s a sign. From the Shinigami.” Sara said. “It’s a sign of retreat, for now.” Sara said again. “How can we just trust a creature that supposedly killed our friend?” Smith said. “Look. A Shinigami may be a god of death, but it will always keep its word, no matter what. Trust me.” Sara said. “And in the mean time we should all get some sleep, we need it.” Trevor said. And soon we all drifted into a much stressed sleep.

Chapter 8:
8:00AM. 28th of August, 2011

As we all woke up, completely forgetting about the tragic experience of last night, on this peaceful, and beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was rising above the trees as Trevor was making breakfast. Those few hours of sleep seemed to have relieved a bunch of stress off of our shoulders. “Ok guys, there is a lot of cereal, so if you’re hungry. Come and get some.” Trevor said. All of us were already awake when he called us to the dining room. 30 minutes past and we were all done eating, we all agreed on going on a bike ride for a while. “How far are we planning on going?” Smith asked as we started to pedal out of the driveway. “The Forest of Trails” was still quite dark even though the sun was high in the sky. We biked down the trails that were separate from the forest until we got to the main highway, the highway seemed to be empty, and no one the pavement as you can see. So we decided to turn around. “Let’s go this way.” Trevor said to us. “Ok? Will it lead us back to the house?” Mariah asked nervously. “Not necessarily, but I have never been down that way, and I want to see what is down there.” Trevor replied to Mariah’s question. “Ok let’s go.” Smith said. “I think that this would be fun!” Smith said again. “But don’t you remember yesterday?” Sara said from behind the rest of us, catching us off guard, and just like that all of the memories flooded in like a tsunami. All of the dark memories of the Shinigami, and the death of Tyler. But that feels so distant, so far back, as if it did not even happen to begin with. “You guys have realized it too, haven’t you…?” Sara said. “How the occurrences that happened last night seem so far and distant from the present” Sara said again. “Yeah, I guess?” Mariah said. “But how is that possible. How is this all relevant?” I said to Sara. “There is only one explanation… It was a dream…”

Chapter 9:
12:30PM. 28th of August, 2011
“There is only one explanation… It was a dream…” Sara said. “WHAT! How is that possible?” Mariah said. “Well then if that is true, where is Tyler then?” Mariah said. “He is still sleeping upstairs.” Sara said. “Didn’t you see him?” Sara said again. “NO!” Mariah replied. “None of us saw him…” I said to Sara. “Well… I don’t know. Let’s head back.” Trevor said. We decided to head back to the house.
The clouds were starting to set in, the radar showed that severe storms are fast approaching, and of course it was about time for lunch. When we got back to the house we all checked upstairs to were Tyler was said to be sleeping, and what we found was traumatizing. “What the Hell?!?” Smith said. “Wait, this can’t be…” Sara said. Because on the wall, a message written in blood said: Oh?… what a pity, but your friend is truly dead alright… you pathetic humans… -Lauren-
Chapter 10:
1:05PM. 28th of August, 2011

“Who’s Lauren?” Smith asked in horror. “I don’t know…” Sara said. ‘Ok let’s just clean this up and pretend that this message from “Lauren” did not happen and later we can investigate… sound good?” Trevor said with a worried look on his face.
“Who’s up for pizza and Ramen?” Trevor said, trying to lift everyone’s spirit. “Sure. Come on guys, let’s get our mind off of this.” Mariah said. “Ok.” The rest of us said as we walked towards the kitchen. “Ok, so we have a lot of extra pizza left, and we have grilled steak, creamy chicken, and beef Ramen as well.” Trevor called to everyone. ‘I think I will have a grilled steak and some cheese pizza please.” I said as a clap of thunder roared.
We all ate in silence, no one spoke. All you heard was the sound of thunder, and the rainfall colliding with the roof. We had already cleaned the message from “Lauren”. We were all nervous of what was to come. As the rain started to pour down harder. We decided to go up to the edge of Trevor’s property, a beautiful spot that overlooks the valley of Minot. With the mast in the distance. We gathered Tyler’s phone to bury, for we could not find his body so it would have to do. We printed off a picture, but it quickly disintegrated in the pouring rain. All seemed to be lost for our dear friend. We found a few rocks to mark this spot on the hill, but the thick mud soon consumed the rocks. “Everything is going wrong. Even your own burial.” Trevor said, looking up at the sky as rain poured down his face. “Hey just think. Everything looks more beautiful in the rain…” I said to Trevor. “I’m so sorry… Tyler.”
So we just stood there. Looking over the valley, the sunset starting to break up the storm. The sun’s light beaming on the distant skyline of Minot, a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. We were still mourning the death of our friend. “I wish you were here to see this…” Trevor said trying to hold back tears. “Why couldn’t you take me instead?” He said again. “I don’t understand…” Trevor said. “I know it’s hard, but we will make it. We will survive.” I said.
But soon the clouds took over again and it started to rain even harder than before. No thunder, just rain, we were soaked. Soon though, the rain started to uncover Tyler’s phone. As we watched the last true memory of our dear friend, get washed away by the storm. “Goodbye…” I said. “Come on. Let’s go inside.”

Chapter 11:
8:30Pm. 28th of August, 2011

We all just sat around the coach, we were all silent. Still sad about the death of our friend. “So… what now.” I asked the group. “I don’t know.” Mariah said. ‘How about dominos?” Trevor said. “No, we will avenge our friend…” Sara said in a quiet, yet fierce voice. “How?” Mariah said to Sara. “I don’t know.” Sara replied to Mariah. “First thing is first, we must explore more of the forest. Not the house.” Sara said. “Ok, shall we start tonight?” Smith asked the group. “Yes.” Everyone else said in unison. “Ok, but I have one question…” Trevor said. “Ok, what is it…?” Sara asked Trevor. “Where do we start?” Trevor asked. “I think we should start at the end of your driveway. Cross the road and then into the forest.” I said to the group. “Ok, I like that idea.” Mariah said. “We should go once the rain lets up.” Smith said. As the sun started to disappear under the valley and the Minot skyline. The world becoming dark once again, the same darkness that took our friend from us. This was the perfect time, for the rain has subsided, it was dark enough. We were ready. What is that sound?” Mariah said. “I don’t know, it sounds like glass to me…” I said. “Weird.” Trevor said. Soon enough, every window in the house cracked, they looked like they were shifting in the wind. “What?!?” Sara said. ‘I don’t know…’ Trevor said. “This is weird… What is happening?” Mariah said her voice shaking with fear. “It smells weird in here. It smells like blood.” Smith said. “Ok, we need to find that smell, and whatever else that could help us survive this night, and the paranormal beings that come with it…” Sara said. “Ok, let’s go.” Trevor said. So we split up, Trevor and Mariah went out to look at the perimeter of the house. Smith was exploring the first and second floors. And Sara and I were going to explore… the basement.

Chapter 12:
10:25PM. 28th of August, 2011

As we stared down the dark stairwell that leads to the basement, we hesitated. The darkness was overpowering, and this darkness was not a physical darkness, it was the darkness of death. As if it were Death’s shadow. We walked down the very old creaky stairs, and only our silhouettes were visible. We found ourselves in the past, all you smelled was the smell of old photos, and there was antiques, everywhere. And just like the other house, there were hallways leading in every direction. “Let’s go that way.” Sara said, pointing to one of the hallways. ‘Ok, bet do you have a light?” I said. “Oh. No I don’t…” Sara replied. “Oh, I forgot, I have my phone on me, and it is at one hundred percent power as well, so we should be good for a while.” I told Sara as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. “Ok, let’s go.” Sara said as we started to walk down the dark hallway.

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