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Monday, September 28


Next time: Hand out essay packet on Tuesday. Outline is due on Wednesday — check through and check off in grade book. Give them back the same day. Rough Draft done by hand by the end of class time on Thursday. Check off in grade book. Friday in the lab typing up papers, then I check and hand out peer review page. They have two peers review their essay. Due at the end of the hour on Friday. Hand in: Rough draft, final typed draft, and peer review page

Tuesday, September 29

  • Free write:
    • what was your reaction to the circumstances surrounding Peter's departure from the Schaulses? Was it what you were expecting to happen?
    • What do you think will happen next?
    • What do you hope will happen in Peter's life now?
  • Graded discussion of While the Locust Slept
  • Finish timeline of chapters 6-9
  • For tomorrow, read pages 183-200 and make sure you have your internet acceptable use form in to the media center so you can log on to the computers later this week.

Wednesday, September 30

Guest speaker: Michael Lyons

Check out his comic strip tweets!

Distributed personal narrative essay packets. Bring these tomorrow, when we will be going to either the library or the computer lab to work. Make sure your internet acceptable use form is in so that you can log on to the computers.

Thursday, October 1

  • Example of Outline and Intro handout
  • Work time in the computer lab

Essay is due on Monday
While the Locust Slept Test on Monday

Friday, October 2

  • Second day in the computer lab. Finish up those essays! At some point today you need to have 2 of your classmates read your draft and comment on your peer review page.
  • Peer Review Questions:
    • What are the most memorable parts of this writer's narrative?
    • What questions are you left with after reading this personal narrative?
    • What is the weakest part of this personal narrative and why? Do you have any suggestions for the writer?
    • What is the strongest part of this essay and why?

Essay is due on Monday. Include your peer review sheet. Turn it in today if you finish.

While the Locust Slept test is on Monday. Prepare using this handout.

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