September 21 25 Contemp Lit

September 21-25

Monday, September 21

  • Free write: While H.G. Bissinger was observing the Permian players prepare for the Midland Lee game, he states “the perfection of their equipment … The solemn ritual that was attached to almost everything, made them seem like boys going off to fight a war for the benefit of someone else, unwitting sacrifices to a strange and powerful god.”
    • How are the Permian players unwitting sacrifices?
    • Is this a fair assessment of the situation these players are in? Why or why not?
    • Are the Permian players doomed? Why or why not?
  • Distribute Vocab lesson 2 packet
  • Finish Friday Night Lights movie
  • Final small group discussion of Friday Night Lights
    • In what ways is Brian Chavez different from most of the boys on the team?
    • Why do you think so many Permian fans are emotionally dependent on the success of a boys high school football team?
    • Gender roles in Odessa seem to be a throwback to the 1950’s. Describe the differing gender expectations for male and female students. What do you all think of the expectations for the Pepettes?
    • Discuss how the players are a commodity within the machinery of high school football. What do they gain from playing? Is it worth it?

Tuesday, September 22

  • Free write:
    • How does what Bissinger characterizes as "the hearty, hair-trigger temperament of the place" affect our view of Odessa and its residents' attitudes and behavior? What examples of this "hearty, hair-trigger temperament" do you observe in your own community or on the national level? In what ways might it be seen as characteristically American?
    • In what ways does race influence the attitudes and behavior of Odessa’s athletes, coaches, and even fans?
  • In class essay test for Friday Night Lights

Wednesday, September 23

  • Free write:
    • What do you think about Permian High School’s academic conditions? What does this say about the role academics play in the lives of Permian football players?
    • What do you make of Odessa's values in regards to football and/or academics? Are they justified?
  • Start Literature Circles — Native American Short Story Unit.

Thursday, September 24

  • Free write:
    • What kind of influence do the fans, parents, coaches, and teachers have on the players of Permian? Who is most responsible for the player's actions?
    • Considering the experiences of Boobie Miles and Brian Chavez, for example, what role does football play in their lives? To what extent do Boobie and Brian's ambitions and experiences prepare each of them differently for life after football?
  • Continue Lit Circles work

Friday, September 25

  • No free write today! Instead, you are organizing and turning in your notebooks.
  • Turn in your vocab lesson 2 packets.
  • Vocab test lesson 2
  • Distribute vocab lesson 3
  • Continue Lit Circles work — at this point you should start working on your presentation
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