September 14 18 Contemp Lit

September 14-18

Monday, September 14

  • (10 min.) Warm-Up Free Write: In "Rules of the Game," why do you think Waverly drawn to the "elaborate secrets" of chess? Why do you think Waverly so eager to learn to play chess that she is willing to give away all her Life Savers? What is the central conflict of this story?
  • (10 min.) housekeeping, announcements, answer a couple of questions from the colored cards.
  • Hand out vocab packet for week 1 and explain.
  • Go to the business lab to work on "Rules of the Game" Quote Sandwich writing
    • Google Docs Primer
    • Then, share your double entry journal with a partner. Read through your partner's journal and write an open-ended question she or he will answer using a quote sandwich paragraph. write that question at the end of the journal.
    • Return your partner's journal.
    • Write one solid Quote Sandwich paragraph, answering the question your partner has posed, using a quote from your journal.
  • By the end of the hour you should have:
    • 1 google drive document, titled lastname.firstname.rules of the game, that you have shared with me: ten.13dsi|nnamah_anna#ten.13dsi|nnamah_anna
    • 1 question written at the top of your document
    • 1 single paragraph, in quote sandwich format, answering that question to the best of your abilities.

materials needed:

  • QS handout
  • 4-level response to literature handout
  • week 1 vocab packets

Tuesday, September 15

Lumberjack Schedule

  • Warm-up free write: In "Rules of the Game," Waverly feels powerful when she plays chess. Why do you think that is? When have you felt that same sense of power?
  • Back to the business lab
  • Yesterday, you answered your partner's question using your own journal. today, trade journals with your partner. Answer the question you wrote for them yesterday using their journal and the QS paragraph format.
  • By the end of the hour you should have:
    • 1 document, shared with me, still titled lastname.firstname.rules of the game, that you have shared with me: ten.13dsi|nnamah_anna#ten.13dsi|nnamah_anna
    • 2 questions written on it
    • 2 QS formatted paragraphs on it
  • if you finish early, start on homework: "Where are you going? Where have you been?" p. 347-365

Materials needed:

  • same handouts as yesterday

Wednesday, September 16

  • Warm-Up free Write: What in the world is going on in "Where are you going? Where have you Been?" What did you think of Oates' writing style?
  • Critical questions from the reading?
  • In groups of three, answer the following questions about the story (take really good notes of your discussion):
    • What does Connie value?
    • What does Connie's mother value?
    • How would you define their relationship?
    • Why does she go with Arnold Friend at the end?
    • How does Oates' create tension in the piece? What aspects are the most suspenseful and why?
    • What do you think is happening at the end of this story?
  • When you are done, you will be presenting your conclusions to the class.
  • Start Friday Night Lights — hand in anthologies and check out Friday Night Lights
  • Read pages 1-37 for tomorrow.

Materials Needed:

  • Free write and group questions on an overhead
  • copies of Friday Night Lights

Thursday, September 17

  • Warm-Up: Why do you think Bissinger starts the novel with the prologue — with a description of these players and a game in the middle of the season and then back up to start with the pre-season? Is this an effective way to start the book?
  • Critical Questions from last night's reading?
  • Create mind-maps for the main characters so far in this book: Boobie Miles, Jerrod MacDougal, Mike Winchell, Ivory Christian, and Brian Chavez. What do we know about them?
  • Start the movie "Friday Night Lights"
  • For homework: Read 38-69 in the book

Materials needed:

  • movie "Friday Night Lights"

Friday, September 18


  • Vocab Week 1 test
  • Finish watching the movie

Materials Needed:

  • sub plans
  • Week 1 vocab test
  • "Friday Night Lights" movie
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