September 14 18

September 14-18

Monday, September 14

  • (10 min.) Warm-Up Free Write:
    • My first great disappointment involved …
    • I learned the true power of authority the time I …
  • (10 min.) housekeeping, announcements, a few questions from the notecards.
  • Hand out and explain Vocab Packets.
  • Lit Focus: "On a Motorbike" and "Accident"
  • Discussion of author's purpose… list on board the purposes students came up with for Uchida and her memoir from last week. Then, listen to the first few minutes of this radio program featuring Kevin Kling.
  • Distribute copies of "On a Motorbike" and "Accident"
    • Read the poem out loud to them, then have them read silently the prose.
    • When they are done reading they should note in their notebooks the primary image of the poem and the primary image of the prose piece. (if finished early, work on vocab packet)
    • In small groups, discuss what these two primary images reveal about:
      • Kevin Kling's character
      • His purpose for writing
      • and the central conflict of these two pieces
      • Groups should take notes for an in-class writing assignment tomorrow
  • Hand in "On a Motorbike" before you leave class today!!

Materials Needed

  • Warm-ups powerpoint
  • copies of "On a Motorbike"

Tuesday, September 15

Lumberjack Schedule

*Warm-Up Free Write:

  • In your groups from yesterday, write three paragraphs on the poetic and prose memoir pieces we read yesterday
  • Quote Sandwich handout — explain
  • In your groups, choose one of the following options and write one, really solid, Quote Sandwich paragraph (write these on the board):
    • What do the central images from either the poem or the prose piece reveal about the narrator's character?
    • What do the central images from either the poem or the prose piece reveal about Kling's purpose for writing?
      • What do the central images from either the poem or the prose piece reveal about the central conflict of the piece?
    • This is a group writing project, so each group needs to turn in one paper with a QS paragraph by the end of the hour.
  • start While the Locust Slept. Hand out books and give some background information. Students should begin reading with the time they have left.
    • Homework for Wednesday: pages 3-34

Materials Needed:

  • Warm-up powerpoint
  • QS handout
  • Copies of While the Locust Slept
  • Book checkout list

Wednesday, September 16

Lumberjack schedule

  • Warm-Up Free Write:
  • MCA prep: "Tea"
    • Read, answer the questions, and respond to the writing prompt.
  • Critical questions from the book? Any areas of confusion? What is the structure or frame of the story?
  • Handouts: Writing good discussion questions and the 4-level response to literature AND How to prepare for a graded discussion.
    • With a partner, construct 4-6 good discussion questions for a graded discussion tomorrow on the first couple of chapters in the book. Decide who might ask which question on Thursday.
  • If there is time left, read pages 35-44 in While the Locust Slept (homework for tomorrow)

Materials Needed:

  • Effective discussion questions and 4-level response handout
  • how to prepare for a graded discussion handout
  • MCA prep handout: "Tea" and writing prompt

Thursday, September 17

  • (30 - 45 minutes) Practice discussion on the first three chapters of While the Locust Slept.

*Grammar & Mechanics Thursday

  • Read pages 45-57 of Locust

Materials needed:

  • Graded discussion rubric/checklist (copy of seating chart)

Friday, September 18

September 18-19 CTAM — Will need a sub

maybe not…

  • Key Word Summaries:
  • With a partner, complete the Key Word Summaries Handout for Chapter 5
  • Four sections are:
  • Start on p. 59 to "I slept to shorten that terrible night." on p. 63
  • "There was no indication, when Mrs. Burt snapped on the light…" on p. 63 to "Every other day, we'll also do your backside." on p. 67.
    • p. 67 "My knee deteriorated the following days…" to "It was the first time I was thankful to a man for anything." on p. 72
    • p. 72 "The new ward overlooked the orchard…" to end of chapter on page 77.
  • When finished, read Locust, pages 59-95

Materials Needed:

  • Sub Plans
  • Copies of informational text and questions
  • Key Word Summaries Handout
  • Division of chapter 5 on a powerpoint
  • Week 1 vocab tests
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