Sara D Interview

Dennison, Sara. Personal Interview. 17 June 2015.


On June 17th our class interviewed Sara about waste. In the beginning she told us a little bit about herself and then we all would ask her some questions about waste to see what her thoughts were on them. The question I asked her was " My family has the compost buckets and I was just wondering what kind of things we could do with the compost?" She said you could use it for alot of things; you can use it for your garden to grow rich veggies. The compost helps makes the soil rich which helps plants grow more healthy and cleaner.


Sara's interview was current information since we did it in person. Her information had to do with the waste production and it was intended for my class at the time. The person giving the interview was Sara Dennison. Her information that was giving to us was supported because she either works or has worked in the offices that deal with the waste around us and has visited factories that have our waste and shes seen how it all gets taken care of. The purpose of this interview was to teach us to know how to do an interview and also to learn about how important it is to use the three Rs in our daily lives.

Agree and Disagree:


The parts i agreed on were that she said it is possible for us to have nearly zero waste. She said we just need to show that it is possible. Give people a reason to change our ways. Also that she said just the little things can have a big impact on our changes we need to make to change the world.


For Sara's interview I didn't notice anything that I disagreed on…

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