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History of American Football

Why did I choose football to be my topic? I chose football because it is the sport I play at my school. I chose it because I think football is an interesting sport. I also chose it because football has been around for a long time. Football was created in different ways about 2000 years ago in Greece and since then it has been a game that many Americans have loved to play.

In ancient Greece football at the time wasn't called football. In Greece football was known as Harpastum. When the Romans conquered the Greeks they named the sport Harpastrum. When Julius Ceasier came to rule he introduced the game to the northern part of the country.

American football evolved from the British game of rugby. Then in 1876 a set of rules were made in America to start the game. Since the game has started the rules have changed over the years and the game was a little to rough back then so they changed it.

In the early 1900's the game of football nearly came to ruin. It was because at the time the game was to rough there was to many casualties. Like in 1905 when there were 18 deaths and 149 major injuries. When this happened the president at the time was Theodore Roosevelt and he loved the rough sports so when the game was almost over he put a hand trying to save the sport.

Football is a very old sport coming from ancient Greece. Football has evolved over the years coming from the east to the west. The rules of the game have sganched a lot over the years in America. Football has come to be one of Americas favorite and most exciting sports like to be watched and or played

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