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  1. The earths crust and tectonic plate. if you don't know what that means you will after you read the bobby
  2. People dont realize that on the earths surface when they stand completely still everything under and around you is still moving
  3. Underline the passages you feel confident about.
  4. Change the color of sections of the text you find troublesome. Ask for specific advice here:


  • What advice do you have for the writer concerning the passages she or he find troublesome? You could always do more research on what your worried about and get more information on that subject.

-carter, nothing

  • What are the most memorable pieces of writing? How the second Pangaea could happen.

-Carter, Same as hazy

  • Is the introduction effective? How could it be more engaging? I thought it was very effective.

-Carter, it was very engaging and effective

  • What questions are you left with after reading this essay? What is currently happening to the earth and whats going to happen if the next Pangaea happens.

-Carter, Same

  • What does the writer still need to work on? Maybe giving more of a explanation on certain things when you are writing about it.
  • -Carter, Same
  • What is the essay's greatest strength? Making every subject different and interesting and not repeating a lot of stuff over and over.

-Carter, Intriguing information

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