Response Questions Wade


I think that she is very tall and insecure about her self. I think she doesn't like her dad. When I first "met" Lucy as a character, she was very insecure about her height, she had one friend, and many enemies, she had to take showers at the laundry mat, because she was too tall for her bathroom and the laundry mat's restrooms were bigger, she was embarrassed easily when her dad and buddy would call her over to sit with them. You could tell that Lucy wanted to get out of that town.


I think Lucy doesn't want to do either, because she wants to be loyal to her dad and be sure that he is safe and that she gets him home. I think she also worries that she is to tall for her friends house and that she'd have no where to sleep, comfortably at least.


I think having Bar around makes her feel more optimistic, because she finally has someone to talk to, and she finally has something/someone, to go to after school.


She has no one else to talk to, she now has nothing to go to after school, and she feels like she's all alone again.
I thought she was going to move there by herself and find someone to live with.

So far I think it's surprising that Lucy beat Tracer at a drinking contest, it's also surprising that she had won a survival suit, and she had got offered a job and took it.


She stood up without thinking and she couldn't back out of the contest, so she drank on. She ended up blacking out and then she had got a job on the Miranda Lee. If I were Lucy I would have gotten caught as soon as I stepped foot in that plane.


I'd be nervous about getting or or even dying on the job. I think the toughest part for Lucy is taking on Don's load, because Don is out for the season in which his injury had caused. I'd also be nervous about doing things wrong and messing something up, then having to pay for my wrong doings.


She probably cried because she feels far from home. She's probably getting home sick. I'd get home sick if I were out in the Bering Sea, close to a hundred miles away from home.


I think it means that the work she is doing makes her arms get more worn out than the rest of her body does. I think it also means that the work she does consists more work with her arms.


She wants to tell her because she cant handle keeping the secret anymore. I think its because she feels so welcomed and cared for that she don't want to lie anymore. I think its because Geneva is so nice that she doesn't deserve to be lied to.


I think she is only hurting one person, and that is Sheila. I think Sheila is worried about Lucy. I think her dad don't realizes that Lucy is gone. I think a few people may be worrying about Lucy. Like a few teachers and Sheila. Lucy did't talk to many people in Sitka, which h is kind of good because then many people won't realize that she is gone.


I don't think it would make much of a difference, but I do think he would have a little more respeck for her.


I would have thrown Tracer over board. Lucy had no option. I wouldn't have said anything to Tracer in the first place.


I think she should of just left him. But she's a good person for saving him. Honestly I would've did the same. I think the Orca was her mother.


I think she made a bad decision. I think her dad will go back to his old ways. I also think he's in it for the money.

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