Response Questions Miguel

I think Lucy is Responsible for her dad and that she is depressed about all the things going on in her life.She seems shy and personal.I predict that Lucy will be bullied by people at school and her dad and she might run away … maybe to find her mother.

I think she doesn't have sheila over because then her dad would be embarrassing and she has to take care of her dad. I think lucy gets her dad every night because she does not want to lose her last parent maybe by getting arrested or killed.

Having bar around makes Lucy optimistic because she feels normal.

I think Lucy leaves after bar dies because she lost something that made her happy and keeps her positive about things even about her dad.She finally left her dad because he was bringing his abusive side back in to her memory and she was reminded of why her mom left and that's why she left. I think Lucy is gonna go try to find her mom .

I think Lucy drinks because if she didn't she would raise suspicion and she would not have a reason to sleep in the storage room. I think these winnings will help finish her voyage.I would have left.

If i had the job i would be nervous about falling off the boat and dying.I think the toughest part for Lucy is fitting in and keeping her identity.

Lucy cries because she feels that the crew actually cares about her and Lucy only cries when someone cares about her.

Lucy means that she is getting used to it but her arms are hurting the same.I have had this during conditioning in basketball.

Lucy tries to tell Geneva her name because being called Barbara reminds her of bar.

I think she is hurting sheila because sheila is getting picked on and she misses her.

It would make a difference tracer would be nicer.He would be nicer because being not invited made him feel like he is not part of the crew.

If i was Lucy i would give him the money and get off the boat as soon as possible and tell Harley.

i think Lucy did the right thing because maybe he will act nicer to Lucy and the orca was showing her the way to saving him.

I think she made the wrong decision because she did not even want to be back after she came back to her

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