Response Questions Kellen

I think that she just needs to find the right friends because she said that she only has one friend, So I think if she found friends she could probably forget about some of her problems of, being so tall and her dad being an attic.

She don't wan to have Shelia over because she doesn't want to hang out with her when her dad is sleeping drunk on the couch.
She keeps baling him out because that like her response ability and she wants him to be safe even if he is drunk all of the time.
She wont leave him because she loves him and that's her responsibility.

Bar got her mind off all the bad things that happened to her when she is playing with her.

Lucy left when her dog died because she lost one of her best friends, She left her dad because he was always mean to her and never liked her like Bar did. I think that she is going to find her mom.

I think she keeps drinking because she doesn't want people to know she is young. I predict she will do good at her new job. I would of keep drinking because it would be a good excuse to go to sleep in the polar bar.

I would be nervous about going out to sea because people always sink and get in wrecks. I think Lucy is worried about just how to do her job because she doesn't know almost anything about crabbing.

She cry's because she is home sick, Even thought she didn't like her home she is still sick, Or she just misses her friend and her dog.

The pain takes away the pain of leaving her home and missing her dog and friend. I had it happen because I was lifting weights and I tried to play basketball and I could barley even shoot.

She wants to tell her because she doesn't want to keep secrets from her new best friends and she doesn't want her to find out any later incase she gets mad. She dosene't want the whole crew to be mad at her.

She is probably hurting her dad even thought she thinks he don't because a kid and there parent always have a relationship, and also shelia is wondering were she went because she like her only friend.

No it wouldn't be a difference because he wanted her to get kicked off the ship.

I would of picked up all of my money and hide it then take his money take the rescue boat and leave. So you can get a lot of money and some for the ride home.

No she should of let him do what he does and left him alone. I think the orca was her mom and she just saved her.

I think that she should of got adopted by captain gorge and eventually she will be able to work on the ship with the crabbing crew.

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