Response Questions Jeremy

June 20th

She sounds tall and nice, i would like to meet her. I think she has a little bit of friends because i think everyone picks one her for being tall.

June 21st

She doesn't want her dad to get in trouble or hurt probably.She doesn't want her friend to come over to see that her dad is an alcoholic.Lucy doesn't want to go over to her friends house because she wants to help her dad and the bar tender wont be able to contact her.

June 22nd

Her dog is there for her and bar will protect her

June 23rd

I think she left because that was the last thing that loved her and she loved bar and i think what will happen next she might run into her mom or she will get another dog or she will get a job to get money

June 27th

I think she did the drinking contest because she needed a place to sleep i think she going to go crabbing and i would have gone crabbing

June 28th

I think the most nervous thing for Lucy about crabbing is getting those big things out of the sea and i think the most toughest thing for her is going to go get those big things out of the sea

June 29th

I think Lucy cries because she is really scared and she doesn't know what to do

June 30th

I think it means that her arms are so hurt that she is focusing on he arm pain not her pain every where else and yeah i had this happen to me

July 6th

I think she tried to tell her name because she didn't want to get more stuff involved with Barbra and that she is close enough to Geneva to tell her personal stuff and she will understand

July 7th

I think she is hurting sheila back at Sitka because she hasn't see her or talked to her in 20 days and Lucy is not hurting anyone else i think

July 11th

I think it wouldn't make a difference. He probably didn't think to much of it.

July 12th

I would have done what she did and make him choose between the survival suit or the money.

July 13th

i think she should have grabbed him and tell him to give her money back because he would have died and i think the whale was going to help her

July 14th

i think she done the wrong thing and she should have stayed in Kodiak and stayed with Geneva and make her adopt her

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