Response Questions Dylan

I think she is shy and wants to be alone has no friends doesn't want to be with her father and I think I would like to know her because she seems a nice person.

I think Lucy doesn't want Sheila's house because she doesn't think Shella's parents would like her and Lucy doesn't want Shella to go to her house because it would be a dump compared to Sheila's home. Lucy always goes to get her father because he is her father and if he would try to get home he could get hurt.

I think Bar coming into Lucy's life makes Lucy happy and that makes her feel that more good things will happen.

I think that loseing such a great friend was to much and why she doesn't leave when she has go get her dad because she was fine with it. I think she is going to fined her mom.

Some one offered her a job and I predict that Lucy will start her job and get washed off the boat but she lives because of the survival suit. What I would do is just get out because I would not drink any think but water.

I would be most nervous about falling off the boat and I think the toughest part would be getting a long with Tracer.

Lucy cries because she not at Sitka so she doesn't care if anyone sees.

I think it means when her arms get more pain the rest of her body she can feel less pain and no this has never happened to me.

She wants to tell someone her real name and Geneva has been so nice to her that she tells her real name to Geneva sort of. She also feels safe to tell Geneva.

I think she is hurting her dad because she is not there to help him from the bar and she is hurting Shelia because Lucy was a good friend to her.

I think Tracer would be nice to Lucy and be nicer to Lucy for the rest of there time together for inviting him. He would also not know how Lucy is.

If I where Lucy I would have not payed Tracer and tell Harley my self.

I think Lucy did the right thing because he is still a person and now he mite be nice to Lucy. I think the Orca was Lucy's mom saving Lucy.

I think Lucy did the right think to go bake to her dad because then she does not have to lie to everyone like she did in Kodiak.

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