Response Questions Brandon

I think lucy has a tough life and Lucy is not happy. I think lucy would be a good person to know, because she seams like a very good person.


Lucy does not want Sheila over because her dad is alway drunk. Lucy dad never sober but some time he will be sober. I think Lucy goes to get her dad form the bar because she loves him and does not want to leave him there. Lucy does not leave there because he is her dad.


Lucy feel optimistic because she got a dog and she is proud that she has a dog without her dad knowing.


I think Lucy leaves because she does not feel loved. She leaved then because the plane next plane would take off in a week. I think that she would find her mother.


Lucy goes through with the drinking contest because some people will think she is under age. I predict that she will have a job on the crab boat and she wear the survival suit. I would have did the same thing lucy did.


Lucy learned that one of the other crew drowned in the water when a wave hit the boat, I would be nervous because I would not want to drowned in the water. I think the toughest part of the is going to be putting the crab in the boat


She is in a new place and no one really knows her in the crab boat.


Bar(lucy) is getting used to the plain. yes i have experience this before.


Lucy try to tell Ganeva her real name because she is feeling the guilty. Because she feels closer to Ganeva.


i think she is hurting joe, why because he has no one to bring him back to his house from the bar.


Yes,I think it would make difference if they asked Tracer to the big dinner. I think he would have been nicer


If I was lucy I would just be quiet. I would have not paid Tracer.I would not tell Harley. Lucy does not have a good option here.


I think Lucy did the right by saving Tracer, because even if he did tell on her he is still a person and does not deserve to die. I think the Orca thing is a part of her mom.


I think that lucy did not make the right decision, becuase her dad will all ways be a drunk

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