Response Questions Aurora

I think Lucy is a responsible girl who has a lot on her shoulders. I also think she may be embarrassed by her dad and upset that her mom left her with him.

I think Lucy wont go to Sheila's house because then her dad would have no one to pick him up when he's passed out and I think she wont have Sheila over because even though Sheila knows what her dad is like, she still would have to get her dad and Lucy doesn't want Sheila to actually see her dad the way he is. I think the reason Lucy always goes to get her dad from the bar is because he is the only family she has left.

Having Bar around makes Lucy optimistic because with Bar, she feels like she's not alone and she feels like she's loved, wanted, needed. She feels normal.

I think Lucy leaves when Bar dies because Bar was the one thing that made her feel wanted and loved and now she's gone. I think the reason why she never left from all the nights with having to drag her father home is because she felt obligated to take care of him, but when Bar dies and her dad didn't help Lucy to bring her to the vet, she just snaps. I think Lucy is going to stay with her dad until she can move out and than she's going to go back to Kodiak.

I think Lucy goes through with the drinking contest because she doesn't want people to think she's to young to be in the bar and because it numbs her pain. With her winning the survival suit, I think she is going to be on a crabbing boat. If I were Lucy, I would've

If I had the job, I would be most nervous about dying like that one guy did. I think the toughest part for Lucy is going to be her keeping her identity because if one of her dads drinking buddies come there or if someone she knows goes there, that would be bad for her.

I think Lucy cries at Kodiak instead of at Sitka because she actually feels like she can trust the Maranda Lee crew and that they care for her and she felt like no one cared about her at Sitka, so why let them know she's upset and in pain?

I think Lucy means, with the pain in her arms, she doesn't have time or energy to worry about her other pains. The other pains just fade into the back ground. I had this happen to me once. I was really upset once and then I played volleyball till I got small bruises on my arms and I completely forgot about being upset.

I think Lucy tried to tell Geneva her real name because she is like the mom she never had and she doesn't feel right lying to her. I think Lucy wants to tell her now because nothing is going on at the moment, everything is peaceful and Lucy thinks about all the things Geneva did for her and she feels like she should tell her.

I think Lucy is hurting her friend Sheila because Sheila is her best friend and Sheila has no one else at school that is her friend beside Lucy and Lucy is not there for her.

I think if Lucy invited Tracer to dinner that he would be a little bit nicer, maybe not so mean and out to get her. If she did invite him, he wouldn't have had that much of a reason to nag at her and be mean to her.

If I was Lucy and Tracer was blackmailing me I would talk to Harley and if Tracer told the guard I would take the blame and try to make sure Harley keeps his boat.

I think Lucy did the right thing in saving Tracer because it wouldn't be right to let him die. He was mean to Lucy, but I don't think he would go as far as killing her. Also, I don't think she as the right to take his life. I think the whale was trying to show Lucy the right way and save Tracer and get back alive on the boat.

I think that Lucy shouldn't have went back to her dad. I think she should have stayed in Kodiak with Harley and them, but she gave her dad a second and even though he doesn't deserve it, it was the right thing to do.

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