Response Questions Adriah

What do you think of lucy so far?
I think lucy has a hard life, because she has no clue where her mom is. Her mom left her at the age of 5 or 6. She's only 15 years old and she always has to go and get her dad out of the bar. She doesn't want to be near her dad most of the time.
why do you think Lucy doesn't want to have sheila or go to sheila's house? Why do you think Lucy always goes to get her dad home from the bar? Why doesn't she just leave him there?
I think Lucy don't want to have sheila come to her house because she doesn't want sheila to see her dad drunk. Lucy probably don't want to go to sheila's house because she has to pick her dad up at the bar every night. Lucy doesn't want to leave her dad at the bar because she is afraid that something will happen to her dad at the bar and she don't want to lose another parent because she don't have her mom.
Why does having Bar around make Lucy feel more optimistic?
I think Lucy feels more optimistic about having bar because her dad never lets her have a dog as a pet. Bar is always there for her when she is lonely when her dad is gone.
Why do you think Lucy leaves town after Bar dies? Why then and not after any of the nights her dad passed out in the bar? What do you think is going to happen next?
Lucy left town because Bar was the only thing she had left. She says that she can't go back to her dad anymore and that she never wants to see her dad again. She was sick of picking up all of his beer bottles and always having to go and pick him up from the bar every night. She said that she would rather die then see her dad again. I think after Lucy leaves town she will find her mother.
Why does Lucy go through with the drinking contest? What do you predict about this turn of events (meeting the crew of the Miranda Lee and winning the survival suit)? What would you have done if you were her?
Lucy wanted to do the drinking contest because she wanted to win the survival suit. If i was Lucy i wouldn't know what to do with the survival suit, i would be scared around all of the people that were in the bar.
Given the little bit that Lucy has learned about crabbing so far, which part would you be the most nervous about and why? What do you think is going to be the toughest part of this job for Lucy?
I would be nervous about it being a dangerous job.
Why do you think Lucy cries at the end of chapter 6 when she never cried in Sitka — not about her dad, her mom, the bullying, or Bar dying?
I think Lucy never cried in Sitka because everyone around her knew her. She cries in front of them because they don't really know who she is. She maybe misses being home but its already too late.
On page 109 Lucy thinks that "… with every new pain in my arms, the rest of me hurts a little less." What does she mean by this statement? Have you ever had this experience?
She's getting used of crabbing. Crabbing helps her forget about all of the things that happened in Sitka. She says that crabbing helps numb her mind the way a whole night of walking around Sitka never could.
Why do you think Lucy tries to tell Geneva her real name at the end of chapter 8? Why then?
Lucy wanted to tell Geneva her real name because she's starting to get closer to Geneva and wants her to know what her real name is. Maybe Lucy don't like being called Barbra because it reminds her of bar and it makes her sad to think of her.
Lucy wonders in chapter 10 if she is hurting anybody back in Sitka. Do you think she is? If so, who? If not, why not?
I think Lucy is hurting Sheila because Lucy just left without telling her where she was going now sheila doesn't have anybody to talk to or hang out with. Lucy is probably hurting her dad too because she left him without telling him, he doesn't have anyone that will go pick him up from the bar anymore when he is too drunk, he doesn't know where she is so he's probably worried about her even though it may seem that he doesn't care.
Would it have made a difference if Lucy had remembered to ask Tracer to the big dinner they all had together? Would he have been nicer to her and not out to get her?
I don't think that it would have made a difference if she would have invited him. I think that because before the dinner he was really rude to her even when she was really nice to him.
What would you have done if you were Lucy? Would you have paid Tracer? Told Harley? Did Lucy have a good option here?
If i were Lucy i wouldn't have given Tracer any of my money, because i would need it to survive on the boat. I think Lucy didn't have a good option because Tracer is just trying to get her fired or get her in trouble.
Did Lucy do the right thing in saving Tracer? What do you think the deal was with the Orca in the Bering Sea?
I think Lucy should of just left Tracer and let him die. Tracer is always mean to Lucy anyways.
does Lucy make the right decision in returning to her dad and Sitka? Why or why not?
I think Lucy made the right decision to return back to her dad. I think she made the right decision because she still needs to learn to grow up before she starts doing the adult things. Her dad was probably worried about her and maybe now that she's home he will think about Lucy before going out to drink every night. Sheila is also probably glad to see Lucy back in Sitka.

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