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First Source

Last, First M. Book. City: Publisher, Year Published. Print.

  • Fischer, John F. Secrets Of The Supernatural. New York: Prometheus Books, 1991. Print.

Chapter Two Haunted Stairs. The Ghost at Mackenzie House.

Mackenzie House Haunting
"One night I woke up at midnight to see a lady standing over my bed. She wasn't at the side, but at the head of the bed, leaning over me. There is no room for anyone to stand where she was. The bed is pushed against the wall. She was hanging down like a shadow but I could see he clearly. Something seemed o touch me on the shoulder to wake me up. She had long hair hanging down from her shoulders…. She had a long narrow face. Then she was gone."
Page 18

"Another night my wife woke up and woke me. She was upset. She said the lady had hit her. There were there welts on the left side of her face. They were like finger marks. The next day her eye was bloodshot. Then it turned black and blue. Something had it her."
Page 18

  1. This is in a way proving that there had been contact with humans and the "Supernatural world".
  2. This shows that there is a chance to feel human contact even though its with another being.
  3. I think that this is all true. I don't think that there is a way to actually fake there being paranormal activity in your household or in fact in a different building.
  • My question is… Why don't some people believe in this? Is it how they were raised? Because they don't want to believe? Or simply just because there hasn't been a good enough reason for them to believe that they should believe?
  • Also with what I said with I don't think that you can fake paranormal activity. Why would you want to fake that? There is a chance that if you fake it happening you might just make it actually happen. And do you really want that?

On page 21 it tells ha they had John Fran of the Holy Trinity Church Perform the rites of exorcism in that household. It reads…

"… Look Down, O Lord, from thy heavenly throne, illuminate the darkness on this night with Thy celestial brightness, and from the sons of light banish the deeds of darkness: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

In January that following yea Fate magazine had actually carried the story of the alleged haunting. Then in 1962 renovations had bought reports from workmen who had claimed that a sawhorse and drop-sheets were unaccountably moved during night hours. But another incident had claimed that the men were caught up in brouhaha, and that the were playing pranks on each other simply just trying to scare each other.
In 1968 Susy Smith would later write the ghost story in chapter length in her Ghosts Around the House.

Second Source

*Nickell, Joe . Entities. New York: Prometheus Books, 1995. Print.

Part one:Spirit Pictures page 31

It was noticed that the "extras" or a faded looking object was due to the recycling of used photo graphic plates. So it was simply just insufficient cleaning. Leading to an old picture taken that is let over on your film and is laving a faded look of someones picture. giving it that look of someone or something being there with you.
The first actual picture recognized was taken by a photographer that said he recognized the spirit of his cousin that had passed away 12 years before the day that the picture was captured.

Part One: Ghost Tour page 53

A man had found himself added into ghost-hunters and that their three trips were to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
The ghost at farnsworth house in downtown Gettysburg, at 401 Baltimore Street, stands the historic farnsworth inn. How would you feel if you stayed in that Inn and then see it mentioned in a book on haunting's and all that spooky stuff?
- As promotion there are stories that are told Friday and Saturday evenings during the tourist season. And example of one mentioned is… "Descend the staircase into the darkness of the stone cellar. Hear, by candlelight, tales of phantom spectres whom are still believed to haunt he town and its battlefield." (Nickell, pg 54)

Third Source

*Nickell, Joe . Entities. New York: Prometheus Books, 1995. Print.

-Demonic Attacks.
-Devils, Demons, and witches.

Devils, Demons, and witches are variously defined and characterized.

All definitions mostly have added up to,
Satan, or the Devil, is the evil one who in Christian doctrine is a fallen angel who established the netherworld kingdom of hell.
Demons are spirits in which Christianity are associated exclusively with evil and thus are seen as the Devils agents.
Witches, considered malevolent in most cultures are those who practice the black arts, who are therefore in a league with, and who worship, the Devil. (Nickell, pg 111)

In words to me it seems like they are saying, and all of us who are trying and trying to get the correct definition on what something is, it seems as if all of our answers have added up into its own theory or answer. And what we may think of the Devil, demons, or witches could be completely wrong, we could be thinking hey aren't as bad as they are, or in some cases people could think that they really aren't to bad, but what they haven't realized that all of their answers as well, have added up to everyone else's answers that is making it sound like its this big circle of it all the adds back up to the Devil.

It seems likely that Satanism far from being Cathar origin, actually had its roots in the bad theology of he minority of Roman Catholic priests.

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