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Softball With Official Rules

  • Development of Softball rules

- The name "Softball" is today applied to the game that also been known as kitten ball and mush ball. The difference in the names and conflicts in rules had caused so much confusion that in 1923, at Springfield, Illinois, a committee of men who were directing public recreation programs in the cities throughout the United States. This group, known as the Playground Baseball Committee, set to work to standardize Softball play.
- Playground leaders in Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as Chicago saw the possibilities of the game and soon worked out a code of rules which is fundamentally the framework of the rules today. At a meeting called the Joint Rules Committee on Softball, was held in Washington, D.C., on October, 1934, at the time of the Recreation Congress, it was decided to invite other national organizations to membership. Those which accepted were the National Softball Association, Amateur Softball Association of America, Catholic Youth Organization.

Nike Is A Goddess: The History Of Women In Sports

- Nearly as long as the history of women on baseball is the history of women who played softball. Softball was first played in 1887, it was seen as a safer alternative tot he faster game of baseball. Male players as well as the primarily male fans clearly felt inhibited in the female umpire's presence. Many of females had learned their craft first was softball players.

Softball For Girl

- The men's hardball game was not very suitable for girls because the throwing distance between bases was to great, the hard ball was dangerous and was expensive outlay of equipment in the form of gloves, masks, chest protectors, ect., the rule were too complicated for informal play. American Physical Education Association appointed a committee to draw up rules for "baseball modified." Since that time the rules are revised each year by a committee and are published in one of the Official Guides for Women. These modified rules, which should always be used, have gone far in making the game safe for girls and women. Short periods of activity interested with long periods of rest make it possible for the girl who is not quite strong enough for basketball or hokey to participate.

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