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History on haunted places

  • Pennhurst Haunted Asylum
  • Originally a school for people with physical disabilities or developmental disabilities.
  • Open from 1908 to 1987
  • Total of 10,500 residents
  • Eventually became a place of abuse and neglect.
  • 1968 television news expose called "Suffer the Little Children" showed what was happening
  • Only 600 workers and 3,500 residents
  • Twenty years later, Pennhurst was shut down.
  • Residents were relocated to group homes
  • Property abandoned for years
  • Everything was left behind (Wheelchairs, beds, medical devices..)
  • Later purchased for 2 million from the state by Richard Chakejian
  • Turned into a haunted house based on the buildings history
  • Had "Suffer the Little Children" Report played on a loop
  • "I don't want relive the hell that I went through….I want to try to forget."
  • "Pennhurst feels like a twisted incarnation of Disneyland.."

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  • Glamis Castle
  • Forfar, East Scotland
  • Build on nearby "Hunter's Hill."
  • Originally a hunting lodge
  • King Malcolm II is thought to have died in Glamis from wounds, rather than assassination
  • Duncan's Hall is the traditional scene of the murder of Malcolm's successor, Duncan I, who's killed by Macbeth
  • William Shakespeare used this in Macbeth
  • One of the most haunted places in Scotland * Legend of "Earl Beardie," states that Earl and Glamis would play cards in a room every Saturday and so forth. it is said that there are noises coming from the room on Saturdays. other tales state that Earl lost his soul to the Devil in a game of cards. and haunts the Castle
  • Legend of "Gray" or "Praying Lady," says that she had a grudge towards the Douglas family and was taken to trial in Edinburgh for witch craft. she was tortured, and found guilty. She was later burned to death on the Edinburgh hill. The legend states that she is found praying in the chapel, and you have to knock three times before entering to warn Lady Janet Douglas
  • Childhood home of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Thought to be haunted by a pageboy, who was too mischievous for his own good.

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  • Hampton Court Palace
  • One of the most haunted places in England
  • Most common "ghost" Catherine Howard
  • She was accused of adultery, arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to death
  • "The woman in white"
  • inexplicable screaming
  • common feelings are a sense of presence, change in temperature, and feeling dizzy
  • unusual research and experiments invited people to stay in the palace
  • hot spot is the haunted gallery
  • people who believed in ghosts experienced more
  • series of test
  • tested the magnetic field
  • questionnaires

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