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Women of the asylum : voices from behind the walls, 1994 Source #4

RC451.4.W6 W6567 1840-1945 /
-Patients rates went up between 1870 and 1936. Going from 45,000 people housed in institution or asylums to 566,000.
-From 1921 to 1945 there was an emphasis on personal development and the fulfillment of the self.
-The field of psychiatry subdivided into several specialties, with practitioners focusing on such areas as child development, industrial psychiatry, and psychoanalytic psychiatry.
-The field of mental hygiene became more prominent.
-Mental Hygiene was defined as the "promotion of the best development of the individual mind and its mental capacities.
- In 1928 the American Psychiatric Association joined with twenty-one other professional organizations in writing the Standard Classified Nomenclature of Diseases;the work attempted to articulate the disease entities tat were e specific purview of different medical specialists.
-They focused their attention in particular on the illness of schizophrenia, or dementia praecox, which by 1930 accounted for 22 percent of all first-time psychiatric hospital admissions.
-Hypothesized that rates of patients that stayed for long term care went up because:people lived longer, urban density made it more difficult for an aberrant person to go unnoticed, families cold no longer afford to provides a home for unproductive members, and family tensions were on the rise as economic hard times increased.
-pgs. 253-262

The mental hospital; a study of institutional participation in psychiatric illness and treatment

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Other Authors: Schwartz, Morris S., / RC439 .S77 Published: New York, Basic Books [1954]
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Life and death of a mental hospital,

Main Author: Stotland, Ezra, 1924-
Other Authors: Kobler, Arthur L.,
Language: English
Published: Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1965.
RC439 .S84

Layla: Here is an entry on Bedlam — might be interesting to you. It is pretty horrifying and SAD. — Hamann

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