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  • a storm of witch craft

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-women began complaining of needles being stuck in there skin, they suffered from torment, began shrieking and conturing their bodies
more than 150 people were accused of witch craft.resulting in the deaths of 25 people 19 of which were exacuted. 156 were formally accused of witch craft or cried upon.local conflicts as well as colony wide problems led to the witch craft crisis.the victims of the Salem witch trails have been referred to as "the afflicted girls"yet the group contained some adult women and a couple of men.during the fall and winter a couple of young girls began to act strange there symptoms would range from subtle twitches to violent jerking of the body and verbal out bursts. one girl woke up and found her "chin was jutting forward uncontrollably and her face was contracting in to spasms" later in 2011-2012 a researcher found that it was actually "conversion disorder"the first victim of the Salem witch trials was Ann Putnam Jr.and daughter of Thomas Putnam Jr and his the seventeenth century pinching was a common punishment among youth who missed behaved.

  • Jeff Wallenfeldt ARTICLE from the encyclop├Ždia Britannica Get involved Share Salem witch trials -witch hunts began in the early 1300 and 1330 and ended in the late 18th century

-(last known execution for witchcraft taking place in Switzerland in 1782)it was believed that they would employ demons so they can do magical deeds

  • Authors:Gormley, Myra Vanderpool

Source:Colonial Homes. Nov 97, Vol. 23 Issue 6, p.22. 1.p. 1 Color Photograph.-—January of 1693 petitions from the families began In 1710 the legislature granted reparation money to the victims and their families, but it was not until 1957 that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts finally lifted the attainders (court accusations of a crime) from the victims.

  • author-Weisman,Richards

title-witch craft , magic, and religion the 17th century
made-1998 massachusetts
-image magic-the baking of a witch cake containing tghe urine of afflicted victims
most used magic was to collect some hair or urine from the victim of maleficium and boil it in a skillet.

*tital-colonial america
author-James Ciment
place and date-NY,2006
-best known as the site of the witch trials of 1692 Salem,Massachusetts was the first town settled in (1626).in January of 1692 a group of girls began showing symptoms of demonic possession. Accusations of witchcraft were directed at women who defied traditional norms for there class and gender.on June 2,1992 the first trial was set and a girl by the name of Bridget Bishop was found guilty and condemned eight days later was an attempt to avoid death accused witches began to confess and even implicate late October ,Governor Sir William Phips suspended the trials and eventually releases all remaining prisoners.the witch craze ultimately claimed over two dozen men and women.

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