Research For Ashland Mbruce

1. (Question) How should Ashland's waste be dealt with?

2. (Question) What will be the cost (monetary or otherwise) to taxpayers?

3. (Question) Will there be other sources of financial support?

4. (Question) Aside from the general public, who will benefit from this plan?

5. (Question) What do you think are the major merits of your plan?

6. (Question) What do you think critics will say in response to your plan?

1. (Answer) I find the best way to deal with the waste is to recycle it. With an incinerator, harmful gasses are put out into the air. The air that we breathe will be polluted more and more with incineration. That, along with cars are huge pollution problems, so if we can eliminate as much as possible, we will have less of a problem. Landfills are a huge environmental problem. They can immensely damage the soil and water quality. Along with that, the air is also affected by landfills because landfills contribute to the greenhouse effect. Landfills produce methane which is a gas that is 20 times more effective in trapping atmospheric heat than carbon dioxide. Recycling is the best of these three options for a few reasons. For one, we are reusing materials that are already being used so we don't have to use as many excess resources. For two, by recycling, we keep so much waste out of the atmosphere, and out of the landfills. Home Guides' Recycling Vs. Landfills or Incinerators says

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