Research 2 Peer Review Workshop
  • Go into edit mode on your name page, scroll to the bottom and start a new page titled [[[Presentation Peer Review]]] followed by your name or initials.
  • On that page copy and paste these questions:
+ Writers
# state your topic here:
# What are you concerned about in regards to your presentation?

+ Reviewers
* What advice do you have for the writer concerning the part she or he is concerned about?

* What are the most memorable part of this presentation?  

* Is the introduction/attention grabber effective?  How could it be more engaging?

* Does this presentation follow [[[Monroe's Motivated Sequence]]]?

* What questions are you left with after viewing this presentation?

* What does the writer still need to work on?

* What is the presentation's greatest strength?
  • In groups of 3, respond to each other's work.

Logistics: Pull up your presentation and in another tab your peer review page and trade computers with someone in your group. View their presentation and respond on their Presentation Peer Review page. Label your comments with your name. Repeat with the final group member.

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