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Meeting Time: 10:00 am
Classroom: Memorial Hall 250
Instructor: Anna Hamann
Email: su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna#su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna
Office Hour: 1:45-2:30 on Tuesdays
Office Hour Location: TRIO Decker Suite
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Assignment Pages

Thursday, July 14

Slayde's presentation, voting, Post-Test and wrap-up

Name Pages

On Deck

Monroe's Motivated Sequence


Monday, July 11

we need to discuss citing sources… MLA citations tip sheet, MLA Citation Information and the Purdue OWL's MLA works cited page.

At the end of your presentation you should have a list of your sources, formatted according to the MLA.

  • Remember, every time you make a claim, back it up! Think about what is going to be convincing to your audience.

We will be presenting these on Wednesday, so you have today and tomorrow to fix these up and be ready to go. When you think you have a solid presentation, following Monroe's motivated sequence, have a classmate look through it and give you some feedback.

Tuesday, July 12


  • Task for the day: Finish those presentations! You will be presenting them tomorrow and voting on who had the best advocacy for their organization.

Wednesday, July 13

Planners: presentations and voting!

  • Task for the day: Present! Advocate!
  • After each classmate presents, write one positive comment about their presentation on your post-it and then we will hand these to the presenter.

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