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Meeting Time: 8:00 am
Classroom: Memorial Hall 250
Instructor: Anna Hamann
Email: su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna#su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna
Office Hour: 1:45-2:30 on Tuesdays
Office Hour Location: TRIO Decker Suite
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Name Page Assignment
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Thursday, July 14

Post-Test and wrap-up

Name Pages

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Monday, July 11

Planners: Writing Day today

  • Task for today: Go into 'edit' mode on your name page and start a new page titled [[[Informative Essay]]] followed by your name.
    • Give your essay a title, heading level 1 (example: + History of Grimm's Fairy Tales)
    • Then, start a section called 'Works Cited', also a heading level 1 (code: + Works Cited). In this section, list your sources in an MLA bibliographic format:
      • Book: author last name, first name. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication.
      • Article: Author last name, first name. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical.Day Month Year: pages. Medium of publication.
      • For other types of sources, consult the Purdue OWL's MLA works cited page.
    • When you have all of your sources formatted, alphabetize your sources based on the first part of the entry (usually the author's last name).
    • Why do this first? It makes MLA citations easier: tip sheet
    • Finally, using your outline as a guide, begin writing your essay.
      • Remember, each paragraph is a minimum of 5 sentences.

Tuesday, July 12

Planners: Writing Day today

  • Task for today: All of you should have an essay page started, a title for your essay and a works cited section on that page. If not, make sure you get these things done first. Then, using your outline as a guide, begin writing your essay.

Tomorrow, we will be doing a peer review of your essays, so be ready to go with a good draft by the end of the day today.

Wednesday, July 13

Planners: Peer review workshop
Task for today: Click on the Peer Review Workshop page and follow the directions. Support each other and give each other some good, constructive feedback!

After you are done commenting on 2 of your classmate's pages, look through their comments for you and revise and edit your essay. These are due tomorrow, so make sure they are ready to go!

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