Rachel Durant


My life


I am 15 years old and will be a sophmore next year at mahnomen high school.
I am from mahnnomen MN
I was born in Fargo ND
My birthday is on June 18, 2001
My favorite color is green
Netflix is probably the best thing ever invented besides the basics. I like watching The vampire Diaries, The originals, and One tree hill mostly.
I like all sorts of music except for maybe opera.
Waylon is the greatest guy at upwardbound!


In about 5 years I would like to be less than half way done with college hopefully knowing what i would like to be doing, if not, oh well, i will eventually find something good enough.
in 10 years i would like to hopefully be done with college and have a pretty decent job that i would like.
in 15 years i would like to have a good job that i enjoy going to and be happy.

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Rachel: Here is that Star Tribune article — Hamann
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