Preap Week 2 F2018

Monday, September 10

  • DWG
  • Passed out and discussed double entry journals (nine pages of which are due the last week of the quarter)
  • Vocab: Greek and Latin Roots Unit 1 exercises due Friday
  • Complete back of character analysis chart on "The 7th Man" (personality traits)

Tuesday, September 11

  • DWG
  • Work/study time for vocab
  • Information on the quote sandwich paragraph structure
  • Write a quote sandwich answering the question: Was the seventh man responsible for K's death?

Vocab exercises due Friday
Vocab test on Friday

Wednesday, September 12

  • DWG
  • Finish quote sandwich paragraphs from yesterday, as needed
  • Read "The Moral Logic of Survivor's Guilt" on pages 153-157
  • Answers questions 1-3 on p. 157 and complete the research the clarify task on page 157

Thursday, September 12

  • DWG
  • review vocab
  • Close Read the Text section — directions on page 158
  • Analyze questions on bottom of p. 158

Friday, September 14

  • DWG and turn in
  • vocab test — turn in packets and t-charts
  • Believing and doubting game — 3 things you believe are true in the essay and 3 things you doubt (or disagree with)
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