Preap Week 17 F2018

December 31-January 1


Wednesday, January 2

  • Background on The Odyssey
  • Read about Greek Myths and Customs on page 554
  • Read pages 558-576 and complete the close reads

Thursday, January 3

  • Discuss Xenia
  • * 4 levels of poetry: excerpt from The Odyssey
  • Hero's Journey graphic organizer — complete as we read
  • read p.576-589

Friday, January 4

  • Discuss Part 1 of The Odyssey
  • Write a conversation/dialogue between at least 2 of the men sailing with Odysseus, about Odysseus (p. 593)
    • Choose the time of the conversation (what has just happened?)
    • develop characters: names, ages, occupations
    • write a conversation, of at least 3 minutes, about these characters' attitudes toward their leader
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