Position Statement 1 And 2

I, being the boss of the Landfill Workers United, think that it would be beneficial to the people and the workers if we build an other pit for the landfill and an incinerator. more details about this plan here.

In the eyes of the people, they don't like the idea of throwing their trash and garbage into a giant hole in the ground for it to be just thrown away and not have some sort of benefit to them. The ways that it would benefit the workers is there would be more jobs for them to work at both the Landfill and the Incinerator. With these things in place this would be the plan the Landfill will charge 15 dollars every time they bring in their trash or get the plan for 645 dollars a year for us to take their trash. Then the trash will be put in one of the pits and the other pit will be used for trash ash. Then the trash from the trash pit is brought in bulks of one ton to the Incinerator where they will pay us 3,000 dollars per ton of garbage.Then when the Incinerator burns the garbage it will create electricity for the people of the the town for one month for 95 dollars a month and 1,500 dollars per year to power their homes. Then with the ash from the burned garbage ash will be put in the other pit to be put in the pit which would make it so more garbage wouldn't be being piled up and overflow the Landfill. The Incinerator will also take animal carcass's to be burn and will be used in fertilizer for the people of Ashland.

It is also cleaner to use energy from an incinerator, than to use energy from coal. Less pollutants will be released into the air, because the scrubbers in the smoke stacks will clean out the toxic pollutants. Since there are a lot of people without jobs, we will hire 50 new people. If there was a waste disposal place in the area that would probably reduce the pollutants in the are. There will be less trash will end up in our lakes and our woods. We would put it in the poor part of the city because then we could charge them to use the energy community. It would cost the Government roughly 500 million dollars to make the incinerator. There will be a big magnet that picks up the metal scraps. We will recycle the The metal scraps the we get from the garbage. I will provide animal cremation to those who pay the the money.


+++++[[ website http://www.earth911.com/eco-tech/the-lowdown-on-landfills/ ]]


  • But incineration has come a long way in recent years. Some plants are now able to produce biomass energy from waste without releasing many harmful gases into the atmosphere. Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands are major proponents of these plants. Some of these plants operate so efficiently that they release less dioxin than home fireplaces and backyard barbecues
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