Phoenix Barnaby


Ello meh name is Phoenix! :D i am 14 years old… i live in red lake.

Some Things About Me ^_^

  • I read, Listen to Music, and babysit ;-;
  • I like the movies; The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, Across The Universe and…. The boxtrolls XD
  • I don't watch TV shows
  • I like the books; The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, 13 Reasons Why, Guitar Notes,… etc. too many. it all depends on how the author writes it not what genre it is… i like them because its like I'm in a different world.
  • Career Goals: Photographer, musician/Artist, salon person? maybe…
  • if i could meet one famous person… who would it be..? i wouldn't meet a famous person because I'm not social and it really doesn't matter to me if i could or would meet someone famous.
  • where would i want to be in 5 years…10 years…20 years… i have no clue… whatever happens will happen you will never know whats gonna happen and if you could then yippy! *sarcasm* if i knew what was gonna happen i wouldn't change it unless it was something horrible like really terrible but other than that NO.

Hobbies 0.0

  • read…
  • listen to music…
  • sleeeeppppp ^.^ isn't a hobby but still!
  • Write poems/short stories…
  • Draw only certain times…

Things I Like… >.<

  • Anime
  • Kittens!!!!!!!
  • Stuffed Animals…… o.o
  • Sleeping!!!.. common.. ;n;
  • Books!
  • Bands.. like FIR, MCR, Escape The Fate, PTV, SWS, Cute Is What We Aim For, Vampires Everywhere… etc.

Pages I Like…

purdue owl

Class Work

Imformative Essay

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