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  1. state your topic here: Roots of Haunted Places
  2. Bold your thesis statement.
  3. Underline the passages you feel confident about.
  4. Change the color of sections of the text you find troublesome. Ask for specific advice here: Should it be longer, more information? Not sure…


  • What advice do you have for the writer concerning the passages she or he find troublesome? They are good but a little confusing.

They are very effective at drawing the reader in and making them want to continue. My advice is you could bulk it up a bit more and added some extra overall general history of haunted places.

  • What are the most memorable pieces of writing? Places aren't always haunted it is more the history for some that make it seem haunted.

The stories and the very last ending sentence- it not only tied it together but left the reader wanting to research more for themselves and become interested in it.

  • Is the introduction effective? How could it be more engaging? Yes, it explains about the places being/not being haunted.

Yes, it was very interesting- just the same advice from the beginning.

  • What questions are you left with after reading this essay? Are the places really haunted or is it just the history?

Are they really haunted, or just rumors?

  • What does the writer still need to work on? Making the introduction a little less confusing.

Bulking up the history a little bit more along with the stories to give the stories a foundation.

  • What is the essay's greatest strength? The three different stories/examples are really good.

Making it very interesting and making the reader wanting to continue research just from the curiosity you cleverly started in the paper.

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