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Format for Outline

I. Introduction

A. Hook: Roots of "Haunted" places.

B. Bridge: Causes common belief that places are haunted, without fact.

C. Thesis Statement: Some places are haunted, and some are not.

II. First subtopic:

A. Topic Sentence: "Pennhurst Asylum" was turned into a haunted house, but here's what made it scary………..

  1. supporting evidence #1: Pennhurst was originally a school for people with mental and physical disabilities.
  2. supporting evidence #2: Was shut down due to neglect and abuse.
  3. supporting evidence #3: Abandoned for years, until bought and turned into a haunted house. "Pennhurst feels like a twisted incarnation of Disneyland.."

B. Concluding Statement: It might not be a haunted, haunted house, but it does have a haunting background

III. Second subtopic:

A. Topic Sentence: Glamis Castle is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland because of its interesting past………

  1. supporting evidence #1: Thought to be haunted by a pageboy, Glamis, and the "praying lady."
  2. supporting evidence #2: History of murders or death sentences on "Hunter's hill."
  3. supporting evidence #3: Full of legends

B. Concluding Statement: This story is one of the most chilling, because of its legends and what happened in the past.

IV. Third subtopic:

A. Topic Sentence: Hampton court palace is another supposedly haunted house because……..

  1. supporting evidence #1: "The woman in white"
  2. supporting evidence #2: Common feelings of a presence, being sick or dizzy, and random changes in temperature
  3. supporting evidence #3: Haunted Gallery hot spot - series of test's run to find if its "Haunted" or not.

B. Concluding Statement: Hampton could actually be haunted, but its your decision.

V. Conclusion: A restatement of the main points of your paper:

A. 1st Point: Chilling backgrounds don't mean its necessarily haunted

B. 2nd Point: All common in the way, that they are allegedly haunted

C. 3rd point: Legends and rumors are not facts

D. Interesting Ending: The question at hand still is; Are these places really haunted, or just stories?

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