Outline Fairbanks

Thesis Statement

The internet was actually created for the military to send data, intel, and messages back and forth.

Format for Outline

I. Introduction

A. Background

  1. Interesting bit #1: After creating the internet, college researchers got interested in it because it made it easier for them to share their data from their studies.
  2. Interesting bit #2: Only government and university computers were linked up to the ARPAnet.
  3. Interesting bit #3: The public didn't even know the internet existed besides from the professors and the government.

B. Thesis Statement: The internet was actually created for the military to send data, intel, and messages back and forth.

II. First subtopic:Socializing

A. First Point: How instant messaging started.

  1. supporting evidence #1: In 1971, Ray Tomlinson wrote two programs that allowed the ARPAnet users to exchange messages.
  2. supporting evidence #2: This later became the most popular program because that's what it was meant for.

B. Second Point: Expanding the internet

  1. supporting evidence #1: Tim Berners-Lee later on added pictures to be shared and stored on the internet.
  2. supporting evidence #2: He then planned on adding audio and video.

II. Second subtopic:The world wide web

A. First Point: Finding info was hard.

  1. supporting evidence #1: It was hard finding the information or cat picture you needed unless you knew the host computer or the file name.
  2. supporting evidence #2: Later on many companies started making a "searching service". One of these services was called the gopher system, which was developed by the University of Minnesota.

B. Second Point: How the www came to be

  1. supporting evidence #1: This led to the thought of the actual web, the thought was a web of information you can search through. Tim/CERN created a hypertext system which linked files on computers all over the world.
  2. supporting evidence #2: The "web" software was distributed by CERN in 1991. This made it super easy to find the files you needed to look for.

IV. Third subtopic:Increasing Internet Usage

A. First point: The amount of users grew.

  1. supporting evidence #1: In 1985, only 2000 people had internet access. In 1987, there was 30,000 people with internet access.
  2. supporting evidence #2: By mid 1989 there was a total of 159,000 people with access to the internet.

B. Second Point: Making it easier

  1. supporting evidence #1: In 1970 the market came out with a "micro-computer" which was called the personal computer. These PCs were way more affordable and more easier to get your hands on.
  2. supporting evidence #2: 1975 a build it yourself computer, called the Altair 8800, came out along with the Apple II and also the Windows operating system in the mid 1980s. These releases gave the internet a bit more users.

V. Conclusion: A restatement of the main points of your paper:

A. 1st Point: The internet back then there was just only messaging and file transfer with just words until Tim Berners-Lee added the pictures and video.

B. 2nd Point: The creation of the world wide web was actually just to make it easier to find certain files people were looking for.

C. 3rd point: There weren't millions of people using the internet back then and computers were just starting to get somewhat popular.

D. Interesting Ending: It is estimated that 3,079,339,857 people use the internet today.


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