Outline Danielle

Format for Outline

I. Introduction

A. Hook: the witch trials all began with three teenage girls.

B. Bridge: There symptoms would rang from subtle twitches to violent jerking of the body and verbal out bursts. One girl woke up and found her "chin was jutting forward uncontrollably and her face was contracting in to spasms.

C. Thesis Statement:Salem witch trials weren't actually caused by witches it was by a disorder, they were long and grusom

II. First subtopic:how witch hunts got started

A. Topic Sentence: Salem witch started in 1692 coming out of 300 year witch trials.

  1. supporting evidence #1: group of girls began showing symptoms of demonic possession. Accusations of witchcraft were directed at women who defied traditional norms for there class and gender (pages-757,758, Ciment )
  2. supporting evidence #2:witch hunts began in the early 1300 and 1330 and ended in the late 18th century (Jeff Wallenfeldt ARTICLE from the encyclopædia Britannica Get involved Share Salem witch trials)
  3. supporting evidence #3: 25 people 19 of which were exacuted. 156 were formally accused of witch craft or cried upon(Baker, pages 2,157,98,100,99,101,116,117)

B. Concluding Statement: the Salem witch trials where a long period of time.

III. Second subtopic: number of accused witches in Salem.

A. Topic Sentence: many where convicted but few were sent to death

  1. supporting evidence #1:more than 150 people were accused of witch craft
  2. supporting evidence #2:resulting in the deaths of 25 people 19 of which were exacuted
  3. supporting evidence #3:156 were formally accused of witch craft or cried upon (all-pages-2,157,98,100,99,101,116,117 ,Baker)

B. Concluding Statement: few were actually convicted of witch craft and sentenced to the death penalty.

IV. Third subtopic: Ending trails in Salem

A. Topic Sentence: when did the Salem witch trails come to an end?

  1. supporting evidence #1:last known execution for witchcraft taking place in Switzerland in 1782
  2. supporting evidence #2:January of 1693 petitions from the families began In 1710 the legislature granted reparation money to the victims and their families
  3. supporting evidence #3:not until 1957 that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts finally lifted the attainders (court accusations of a crime) from the victims. (all- p.22,1 Colonial Homes)

B. Concluding Statement: though the Salem witch trials ended in the early 17th century they never really ended for the victims until the mid 19th century

V. Conclusion: A restatement of the main points of your paper: in conclusion the Salem witch trials where very long lasting more than 300 years but are finally done. we will remember this dark point in are history for ever.

A. 1st Point: The Salem witch trials were long and grueling women feared for them selves and few men where actually convicted, after the Salem witch trails ended they found that it was actually a disorder caused by stress.

B. 2nd Point: The Salem witch trails lasted more than 300 years and didn't officially end in 1957

C. 3rd point: women feeling pins and needles in there skin was actually a dullision and a common punishment back in those days

D. Interesting Ending: Many people think that tones of people where burned at the stack and hung but in reality only a select few where actually convicted and killed, out of the 25 people that died only 19 where hung no one was actually burned at the stack that's only a folks legend. the whole reason behind the Salem witch trials was because of a disorder conversion disorder it happened when stress built on the person and they started acting out of the norm, back than it was hard to explain this so they thought of the first thing that came to mind witches. the Salem witch trails will forever be remember and will always fallow us through out time and history.

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