Outline Aiyanna Tibbetts

Format for Outline

I. Introduction

A. Background (give us some interesting background information about your topic)

  1. Interesting bit #1: I became interested in The Beatles when I was little, and my Grandma would play their records whenever she was cleaning.
  2. Interesting bit #2: I stopped listening to their music when I was about eight years old.
  3. Interesting bit #3: I just started listening to their music again last year after my Grandma died.

B. Thesis Statement: It took The Beatles six weeks from their fame in England, which took about a year, to achieve international fame.

II. First subtopic:Before America

A. First Point: Their fame in England

  1. supporting evidence #1: (How The Beatles Went Viral) Their fame in England took about a year to achieve
  2. supporting evidence #2: (How The Beatles Went Viral) Their band was based in Liverpool, where they were a big deal to the local area before they made any records.

B. Second Point: How The U.K. Got Hooked on The Beatles

  1. supporting evidence #1: (How The Beatles Went Viral) When they started making hits, such as "Please Please Me", more people started to notice them. Soon "Please Please Me" Hit No.1 in the U.K.
  2. supporting evidence #2:(How The Beatles Went Viral) When they were touring, even though they already had a fairly large audience, their fame continued to expand.

II. Second subtopic: Coming To America

A. First Point: How They Intercepted to America

  1. supporting evidence #1: (How The Beatles Took America) 15-year-old Marsha Albert wrote to WWDC studio and had them play "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" before Capitol Records had the chance.
  2. supporting evidence#2: (How The Beatles Took America) "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" was released by Capitol Records on December 26th 1963

B. Second Point: The Ed Sullivan Show

  1. supporting evidence #1: (BEATLE MANIA!) Their performance couldn't be heard over the screaming of girls
  2. supporting evidence #2: (BEATLE MANIA!) It was the largest television audience in history, just around 73 million people watching

IV. Third subtopic: Their Effect On the United Nation

A. First point: Their thoughts when they first arrived in America

  1. supporting evidence #1: (How The Beatles Took America) When they first came they were mobbed by paparazzi and they came up with witty responses to their questions
  2. supporting evidence #2: (How The Beatles Took America) they didn't let the negative comments from reporters and news teams faze them

B. Second Point: The aftershocks

  1. supporting evidence #1: (BEATLE MANIA!) The Beatles continued to return to the Ed Sullivan show, until they broke up and Sullivan died four years later in 1974.
  2. supporting evidence #2: (BEATLE MANIA!) They were still quite famous, and still are, but it never could've been like the first time-when they first arrived.

V. Conclusion: A restatement of the main points of your paper:

A. 1st Point: Their popularity in the U.K

B. 2nd Point: What it was like for them to come here

C. 3rd point: How they affected the worlds views and popular culture.

D. Interesting Ending: the Beatles worked very hard for what they had and I think that they've been remembered as having it easy instead of for the right reasons.

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