Notebook Check September 25

Week 1

  • Tuesday, September 8
    • Free Write:
      • My career thus far as an English student has been …
      • I usually enjoy these parts of past English classes (and why):
      • I don't really care for these parts of past English classes (and why):
      • My favorite part of any English or Language Arts class ever (and why):
  • Wednesday, September 9
    • Free Write: What is your most indispensable possession and why? What is your history with this possession? Tell us a story…
  • Thursday, September 10
    • Free Write: In the list of all the things the soldiers carried, what item was most surprising? Which item did you find most evocative (or symbolic) of the war? Which items stayed with you?
    • Mind map of "The Things they Carried."
  • Friday, September 11
    • Free Write: From "The Things they Carried": In what sense does Jimmy love Martha? Why does he construct this elaborate, mostly fictional, relationship with her? What does he get out of it? AND/OR: Why do you think the soldiers tell jokes about the war, about killing?

Week 2

  • Monday, September 14
    • Free Write: In "Rules of the Game," why do you think Waverly drawn to the "elaborate secrets" of chess? Why do you think Waverly so eager to learn to play chess that she is willing to give away all her Life Savers? What is the central conflict of this story?
  • Tuesday, September 15
    • Warm-up free write: In "Rules of the Game," Waverly feels powerful when she plays chess. Why do you think that is? When have you felt that same sense of power?
  • Wednesday, September 16
    • Free Write: What in the world is going on in "Where are you going? Where have you Been?" What did you think of Oates' writing style?
  • Thursday, September 17
    • Free Write: Why do you think Bissinger starts the novel with the prologue — with a description of these players and a game in the middle of the season and then back up to start with the pre-season? Is this an effective way to start the book?
    • mind-maps for the main characters so far in this book: Boobie Miles, Jerrod MacDougal, Mike Winchell, Ivory Christian, and Brian Chavez.
  • Friday, September 18
    • Nothing

Week 3

  • Monday, September 21
    • Free Write: While H.G. Bissinger was observing the Permian players prepare for the Midland Lee game, he states “the perfection of their equipment … The solemn ritual that was attached to almost everything, made them seem like boys going off to fight a war for the benefit of someone else, unwitting sacrifices to a strange and powerful god.”
      • How are the Permian players unwitting sacrifices?
      • Is this a fair assessment of the situation these players are in? Why or why not?
      • Are the Permian players doomed? Why or why not?
  • Tuesday, September 22
    • +++ Tuesday, September 22
  • Free write:
    • How does what Bissinger characterizes as "the hearty, hair-trigger temperament of the place" affect our view of Odessa and its residents' attitudes and behavior? What examples of this "hearty, hair-trigger temperament" do you observe in your own community or on the national level? In what ways might it be seen as characteristically American?
    • In what ways does race influence the attitudes and behavior of Odessa’s athletes, coaches, and even fans?
  • Wednesday, September 23
    • Nothing
  • Thursday, September 24
    • Nothing
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