Nahayla Londo

The realest G.O.A.T was here boii get on my level

My name is Nahayla! Some people call me Tree, but that's because it sounds like my middle name, which your never going to know. I was born on March 31, 2001. I dont know what time I was born so don't ask me. I have two brothers named Jerell Londo and Jeremy Londo Jr. I also have a sister named Kimmie Aushing. My father's name is Jeremy Londo Sr and I don't have a mom. I'm more like the middle child and my youngest brother Jeremy is the baby.


I play softball, volleyball, and basketball. I've played softball ever since I was about 7. My dad and my grandma played softball when they were around the same age, but my dad hasn't stopped yet. I'm pretty much in basketball because my dad wants me to play, so I can stay busy. When my mom was younger she played volleyball too, but she ended up quitting. I play on the Waubun-Mahnomen Cougar softball team during school, but in the summer my softball team is called Waubun Bombers. My softball team made it to the state championship and we placed second out of all the teams there, which that means that could go to nationals, but that was in another state and our softball team didn't have to much money so we didn't go to nationals in 2014.



My absolute favorite show in the whole wide would is The Fosters! I like that show because the characters are around my age going through a tough life, and showing how hard some peoples life can be. I also like to watch Recovery Road, Bones, Scream, and Shadow Hunters. I usually don't like to watch much TV, even though I spend most of my day in my room. I don't have time for TV, but I do have time for Youtube. I probably spend like most of my day on Youtube watching funny video's, skits, beauty channels, and pranks.


I don't read much books, but if someone asked me to pick a book off the top of my head I would say "This Song Will Save Your Life," by Leila Sales. Its a book about a teen girl that goes through depression and finds a job being a DJ and everything gets better, I don't want to ruin the book for you by telling what happens.


My high school and college career goal is just graduating and becoming a wild-life fire fighter. Being a wild-life fire fighter means that there is a possibility of saving a life and you get to help the environment. My dad is a wild-life fire fighter, but during the summer he gets to go to other states and he helps control huge fires, about 20 acres or more. That is another reason why I want to become a wild-life fire fighter, because my dad is one.

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