Mia Long

Mia Long

My name is Mia Rose Long and my hobbies are dancing, singing, eating and taking pictures.
My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Skins and Bob's Burgers. They are my favorite because TWD, anything can happen at anytime. it always surprises me. AHS, it can be somewhat relatable. and Bob's Burgers, its just hilarious to watch. Skins, can be a little relatable, but mostly it makes you wish that you want something from that show. Only a little bit.
My favorite books are Glass, Crank & Impulse Ellen Hopkins.
My career goal is to be a choreographer or a dancer. I really want to get into World of Dance. Its been my dream for about 5 years. I always wanted to be a dancer.
In 5 years I want to be performing somewhere at World of Dance. Whether its Las Vagas, San Francisco, Chicago, anywhere.
In 10 years I want to see me graduated/graduate college, becoming a choreographer & achieving my goal.
In 20 years I want to see me married with kids living somewhere away of Minnesota. Like Cali, or Colorado. Somewhere warm.
I would LOVE to meet Beyonce, and I would ask her to adopt me. Jokes, I want to meet a bunch of people. I want to meet Joseph Somo too. Also my DREAM to meet him. Also the whole cast from TWD & AHS.
I would also love to meet Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales, and I would ask her if she can teach me all her dance routines and moves. Shes my inspiration since I saw her perform on ABDC in 2011. It looked Amazing!


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